Friday, December 5, 2008

One Down.

Last night's Gloria concert went great. It had its shaky, "first show" moments, but all in all it was great fun.

We head to Morristown, TN tomorrow night. Can't wait. I love East Tennessee.

I am going to try to twitter frequently while on the road. Are you a twitterer? Check it out.

Shaun Groves will also probably be broadcasting something over at his blog. Maybe a sound check. Maybe the actual performance. Maybe him fixing his supercool spikey rock star hair or putting on his skinny western shirt. Either way, be sure to check in.

By the way, both Shaun and Cindy pretty much rocked my world last night. Amazing...both of them. I am pumped to be able to hear them 8 more times. I wish it was more.

Happy weekend to you!


Cindy said...

Speaking of 'spikey rock star hair' I saw some pics of you from last nights performance. Your hair seemed a little tamer than usual. Going for a new look, lol? Not complaining, just wondering.

Fran said...

So awesome Travis!!! Wish I was headin East to hear y'all. Twitter away though...we'll love it!

big blessings~

Anonymous said...

My fave part of the concert:
"Two of my favorite singers are here tonight... Shaun Groves and myself" -Travis Cottrell.

Adam said...

Rock on with the Christmas tour!!. geez your starting to become a techy with all your social networking..

Stephanie said...

Travis, I have to tell you I am LOVING your Christmas CD!

leslie ruth said...

The concert last night defies words. And yet...oh, look! I found some :) Consider this post my thank-you note to you:

Many, many blessings as the tour continues!

Travis said...

Heidi - that's so liberal mainstream gotcha media of you to quote out of context.


Lora said...

Watched you all on Shaun's blog last night and can hardly wait to see you all Saturday night live and in person - ha! Travis and Saturday Night Live!
So excited,

Anonymous said...

Get your thumpety on.

Wags said...

I'm not sure who Heidi is exactly, but I've got your back girl! I heard it too! :)

You guys were great last night. I blogged all about it, and actually left wondering just how old Cindy must've been when she started singing since I too fell in love to "How Could I Ask For More" as a 10th grader... :)

I am a Christmas concert geek and to kick off the season with y'all was so wonderful. Have fun with all the crazies in East TN! :)

Pam said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your "Christmas Bells" CD--it is fabulous!! I love all the songs but right now my favorite is Jesus Saves (I might have a new favorite tomorrow:)). Although I am not going to get to see the Gloria tour, I am so much looking forward to the Women of Joy conference in Gatlinburg in May--I know that you will be leading us before the Throne in worship. Thank you for using your gift to glorify God!

Kelly S. said...

Praying for you tonight.

ETN loves you too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wags. Don't mess with me, Cottrell. :)

Anonymous said...

Just got in from the concert in Morristown. It was was a wonderful blessing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! There are no other words.

Karen from Carson-Newman

Anonymous said...