Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey, everybody! Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words and prayers for me this week. I felt them. I knew the Lord was carrying me through those tough hours of pretty stressful work. I survived. Thank you, Lord.

I am going to explain what it was I was doing those days, and how it fits into my life and a post in the next few days.

We had a great weekend. Three basketball games on Saturday. So much fun. This is Levi's first season of "organized" sports. And, as far as "organized" goes for 4 year-olds playing basketball, it's pretty great. Of course, Levi has three main concerns in his basketball experience: his uniform, the snack after the game, and the trophy at the end of the season. His brother has a shelf full of them, and he is salivating at the thought of his first.

He was so cute when he first got his uniform. He could hardly play for looking down at it.

Last night our Sunday School class had game night. We have it once a month. I love it. We played Pit and Nertz. Two of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES. I will take you down in both of those. I am not kidding. Of course, it would be prideful and gloating of me to tell you that I took them down last night. So I won't. I won't tell you I TOOK THEM DOWN. And I won't tell you I doubled Sharon Cates' score in Nertz. I won't tell you that.

Today was a great Sunday, although I had a 100% chance of being disappointed with the AFC representation at the Super Bowl. Please forgive me, Chargers and Patriots fans. We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord. But I don't want to see your team in the Super Bowl. No Titans. No Colts. No happy.

I am happy with the NFC game, though. Packers-Giants is good. I like both teams. I am watching the 4th quarter right now, and my stomach is nervous. Either that or the 6 Panchos fajitas I ate tonight were a little over-the-top. Portions, Travis, portions. Watch your portions.

I think that's all I have to tell tonight. Oh yeah, except for the fact that I think I got tennis elbow playing tennis with my nephew today.

Wii tennis. It's killing me. : >)

One more thing...

This is a conversation I had with Lily Kate on the way home from church tonight:

LK: Dad, this life...
Me: Yes, Lily?
LK: Well, God. You, know...God...never began. Oh my. I don't get it.
Me: Yeah...I know. It's hard to understand. Even for adults like me.
LK: Like, you know...before Adam and Eve were alive...God was WAAAAAY before that. I just don't get it.

I know, baby. It's hard for me to get my mind around, too. But that's God...He's so big. So mysterious and so wonderful at the same time.

Let's keep on entering the mystery.


Todd Benkert said...

Thanks for sharing the conversation with Lily Kate. It's wonderful to see my own kids think about the Lord and ponder his awesomeness.

As for game nights, our family has discovered a great new card game called "dutch blitz". (Actually, my wife has been playing since she was five and smokes us all :-)

-- Todd

Adam said...

Wow. How awesome. I can't wait to have a conversation like you had with YOUR Lily Kate one day with MY Lily Anna.
Just wanted to tell you. I'm lead worshipper at my church in Ringgold, GA. This morning, I just felt the evil one on my shoulder. I didn't "feel" like doing church this morning. Well, Lily Anna (she's 2) and I got to the church early and put Unashamed Love in the church's system. Before I knew it, those demons fled and we (Lily Anna and me) were dancin' and praisin' the King around the sanctuary! Ya gotta open and your mouth and give Him praise!!! Thanks, for your help this morning, Travis. God showed up and the service ended up being awesome!!! By the way, sorry this is so long! God bless!

Cindy said...

Hey Travis,

Glad you survived this past week. Have you watched A.I. yet? My girls also did the sports thing for a while. Now we are concentrating on music for a while, piano and violin/fiddle. Bekah is eagerly awaiting being able to participate in volleyball next year at school. Abbi wants to try her hand at basketball. Should be exciting! Have no earthly clue what Pit and Nertz are but I'll take your word for it that you rock at both. Don't really follow football that much, just what I hear while folding clothes or something exciting like that while my husband watches. Don't think he was all that happy either with today's events. Anyway, hope you have a blessed week ahead!

Cindy in Weaverville

p.s. Hard to watch those portions when partaking of Mexican food!

Cindy said...

Oh yeah, don't ya just love those conversations with the little ones?


RealEstateGirl said...

Just checking in after being gone from "bloggy world" a while myself.

Glad all is going well and I CAN'T WAIT to hear your new projects! God has blessed you with an enormous gift, my friend!

By the way, don't you just LOVE Pit?! I would so whip your tail in it! Do you play where you grab a spoon?! Love it!

Praying that you have a great week!

Diane Muir said...

You know ... I come from a long line of 'Pit' Destroyers! So, since I can't imagine we'll ever meet to play it in this life ... I'll find you at the table in heaven, carrying my orange bell, screaming "three, three, no two, two, two!"

Congrats on a good week ... there are many of us out here praying for you, not always commenting ...

Profbaugh said...

Watch out for those sports injuries. Wii tennis ROCKS!

Glad to hear you survived the week and had the added blessing of the Lily Kate conversation.

Much love,
St. Louis

boomama said...

"Portions, Travis, portions. Watch your portions."

Made me laugh out loud and clap my hands.

Fran said...

Hey Travis....
i'm so glad you survived your week. I really cannot imagine what you do and how hard you work!
Can't wait to hear about it. Don't forget to tell us! :)

And, well. That game last night (Giants-Packers game) just about did me in. The poor guy missing TWO field goal attempts. I mean seriously?! I felt so sorry for him. I knew (or at least prayed) for his redemption. And you thought you were nervous?! I guess I'm happy with the outcome. How cool would it have been to have Manning vs. Manning?!'s my conversation with my 7 yr old son in Target yesterday.

Dylan: Mom? You are such a good mom to get me these tennis shoes today.

Mom: Well, actually, you bought them with your gift card from your birthday.

Dylan: You are so nice that I don't think I want that other mom I thought about wanting.

Ok....hmmmmm.....didn't know that was up for discussion. :)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

I can so relate to your post on so many levels Travis. First off our family LOVES Pit and we played it non-stop at Thanksgiving this year. I lost every time. And my husband and I are suffering from bowling elbow if there is such a thing from Wii. I never want to go to a bowling alley again cuz my high score of 210 could never be reached in the real world! And here's a question my 7 year old asked me recently and I actually had to stop, pray and answer her the neck day. What would you have said??? If Jesus was so kind to every one, even those that sinned, was He also friendly to the devil?? Out of the mouth of babes..I love it!!! Blessings...

Dionna said...

I love Nertz! Haven't played in year because my hubby always wins and we whine. :) I think he'd be good competition for you - no one ever beats him in Nertz!
And your conversation with your daughter? I've always said that's the one question I want to ask God when I get to heaven.

Patty said...

Watched the games last night and I wasn't happy either except for the Giants winning. Just think if the Colts had won against San Diego and then beat the Patriots it would be Manning vs. Manning! Anyway, even though my teams are not in it we will still watch the Super Bowl. After all, it's an excuse to order hot wings and boneless strips from Wing Stop. They have a deal called the Titan. 100 wings and sides!! It's all about the food and I will try and watch the portions. :o)
I am glad you were able to get your work completed! The Siestas are honored to hold up the Miesta in prayer. :o)

Russ said...

oooooo...sharon gonna hurt you!

rachel said...

What a sweet conversation with Lily Kate! I love when my 4 year old starts talking about God and Jesus. Lately he's been saying he does not want to go to heaven but just stay home. If I could only make him understand how wonderful it will be!! I guess staying at home is pretty wonderful for him right now, though. Keep up the good work, Travis. We're praying for you!
Rachel in Columbus, MS

Karen H. said...

Thanks for sharing, Travis. It's so fun to get a glimpse into your life! I love those spiritual conversations with my children. Their faith is so absolute and innocent - no wordly garbage to pollute it. I remember when my son, now 10, asked my to pray "the prayer" with him, to ask Jesus to come live in his heart. It was one of the most precious moments I have ever experienced. And I love your closing line, because I love your Psalm 40 song! I got to hear it live in Fresno a fews years back at LPL. Infact, that reminds me of another spriritual conversation with my son. We were listening to that song in the car one day, and he asked "Mom, what does it mean to turn your back on the world?" It was a great entree to discuss God's Way versus the world. Again, precious! I can't wait for you to post about your work. I'm not an artist, so all of those of you who can create amaze me. What a blessing that the Great Creator favored you with just a smidge of His Creativity!


Karen in CA

Shelly said...

Do you really think I know what 'Pit and Nertz' are? Should I pretend I do...? Nah...

And I saw glimpses of the Packers game while chowing down on some Cheesecake Factory. I am sure I made your portions look like they were actually in moderation. Have no fear :)

Kelly S. said...

So glad your work went well, I will continue to pray for your ministry.
Totally agree with the football analysis....and I (with Fran) was praying for the Giants kicker to have redemption!! Would have loved to cheer on the Colts, but now its GO GIANTS!

Your conversation was precious with Lily Kate. When my oldest daughter was about 4 she said "mom I understand that Jesus died on the cross, but I dont get the rose?"
me: what rose sweet pea?
liv: you know a rose from the dead

true story

Darlene R. said...

It so fun and interesting when the kids start really thinking about God and the greatness of Him. I was just thinking today about why it's so hard to grasp everything about Him. It is truly amazing.

Four year old basketball is a hoot! We experienced that for the first time last year. We had fun with it.

I've never played Nertz, so I have no idea what it is.
I can only imagine what is going through your mind after a comment like that!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

those must be the most exciting conversations. haven't had them yet but I pray they are coming. Can't wait to hear what you thought of AI!

connorcolesmom said...

"I am won't tell you I TOOK THEM down" LOL!!
You sound like me. I am so competitive but I don't like to admit it. The last time I played poker with my FIL he would not let me go to bed until he won at least one game only problem is I LIKE TO WIN TOO - hehe!! It was too fun!

So what is this game you mentioned? Is it at the store?

I also watched the NFL game Sunday and I was screaming my head off! My hubby said - I didn't even think you had a team? Well the thing is they looked so cold I just wanted someone to win so they could get inside. I felt so BAD for they NY kicker - I am so glad he finally made the last attmept.

Oh and tennis elbow from playing Wii tennis - LOL!!!
God bless,

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I don't know Sharon Cates, but I feel a teensy bit sorry for her right now. Since she is apparently a member of your Sunday School class, I'm praying that you're not in one of those cross-generational classes and little Sharon is actual 89 and on her last round of game nights. Because if she is... shame on you.

On the other hand, if she is just some punk who can't needs to learn how to GET OUTTA THE GAME BOARD KITCHEN IF SHE CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT, well that's another story.

CrownLaidDown said...

What a good place to begin, Miss Lily Kate. You're right on!

And I would totally take you out in Nertz...ask our good friends :) Don't ask Chris, though. He's a bad loser! Me? Bad Winner! So we are happiest in our marriage if I let him win :) Oh, he'd so totally kill me for that!

jennyhope said...

I just love the whole post. Especially the LK and Levi looking at the uniform. Also, I hate to announce to blogworld that I am the reigning queen of Uno and Connect Four...and Mario 1 BRING IT!!

Jon Tyner said...

Dude, there is nothing to rejoice over as far as the Super Bowl goes this year! Jackson and I are in mourning over the Packers loss... I could barely get out of bed yesterday. Jackson wore his good-luck Bret Favre jersey and everything. It just wasn't enough.

Cecilia said...

Hi Travis,
What a precious family you have. You are such a blessing to so many through your music and your love of Jesus. We were at Boone and it was so awesome worshiping our Lord through his word with Beth and then praising Jesus to the heavens singing with you and your praise team. I can't imagine how we will sing in heaven!! I just heard Psalm 121 today in bible study and it was beautiful. That is my favorie psalm. Can we buy that song yet and where? We also heard you at The Cove and what a fantastic night!!! Thank you Travis and God Bless You.

Heather Grube said...

Oh Travis you just need a real challenge at nertz! Its been a long time since you and I battled at nertz! I am the queen! By the way Daniel and I miss you and Angela. We'd love to try to get together sometime. Daniel will be home this next week hopefully for a while. Anyways....if you want a real nertz challenge give us a call! Love you guys!

nertzfan said...

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