Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Missed It

Hey everybody! Don't tell me anything about last night's American idol. I had to sing last night (I'm in Atlanta) and I had to Tivo it. Can't wait to watch it.

I would appreciate your prayers for me today. I have a HUGE amount of work to get done today for a project. I am working on a worship musical, and we are recording the tracks tomorrow and Friday. I will spend all day today writing charts. Pray that I will be creative. And diligent.

And pray that I can stay away from A.I. until I am finished.

Have a great day!


Cindy said...

I missed it too. My classes started up again last. I'm in my last semester...yeehawwww! I forgot to ask my husband or girls to tape it for me but they remembered anyway. I will definitely keep you in my prayers today.

Have a blessed day!
Cindy in Weaverville

p.s. Any thoughts on posting your 2008 schedule?

JulieMom101 said...

I'm going into my prayer time right now, so I'll be honored to lift you up. BTW: song suggestion for you - My Help (Psalm 121). We're doing "Stepping Up: Psalms of Ascent" and when I heard it last week it reminded me how much I LOVE it. I had to look WAY back in your projects to find it. Time to pull it out again? Take care ~ Julie in SC

nancy said...

I'm praying for you. you are my favorite.

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying! Also praying over your health and family.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Got it! Will be praying that God gives you some fantastic stuff today.

Can not wait to hear the worship musical! I want to hear more about that!

As far as A.I., I'll just say: Oh.My.

Enjoy Atlanta! Sure wish we could have made last nights worship time. That would have been awesome. Sick little ones kept us home.

Thanking God for your annointing and asking Him to pour an extra dose over you and your family this year!


Darlene R. said...

I will be praying for you today.

Work before play, that's what I tell my kids!

Happy writing and recording!

Suzanne said...

Prayers lifted, Travis.

I'm praying you end your workday feeling especially blessed!

Nicole said...

Prayers said! good luck with it all. AI will be waiting as an awesome reward!

Fran said...

"For the Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and all your work of your hands, and your joy will be complete." Deut. 16:15

Praying for you! Work hard but enjoy it! :)


Anonymous said...

Praying the clamor cease around you and that you have focus and creativity.

A great new song out is ENOUGHT (not sure who sings it) I'd love to hear you singing it :)


twinkle said...

Father, my timing may be a little late for the task Travis has today, but I truly pray that Your Will be done through Travis and this work! You are Alpha and Omega and I pray that for this work. Redeem every moment to accomplish Your Good and Perfect Will. Thank You for allowing Travis to be so gifted and talented and to use these for Your Glory. God, Christ is the RADIANCE of Your Glory (Hebrews 1)! And Travis just shines Your Glory, too! Raise him up to do Your will. Give him discernment and wisdom to know what Your will is. He wants to follow hard after You. And make him a man of praise and humbleness as he walks faithfully in Christ's footsteps. Give him creativity and a vision. Bless his family and team as they offer the support of love and service. In Jesus Name. Amen.

rkeeter said...

I'm praying for you excited about your next two albums! I agree with are my favorite too. I have your music playing all of the time in my van. It blesses me when my three year old says "Hallelujah" with you...his timing has gotten pretty good :-).
Take care, Denise Keeter
Manhattan, KS

conwaymom said...

Prayers ascending...

twinkle said...

Travis, as our fellow "miesta," have you signed the Blog Roll on the LPM blog? Last time I checked almost 1900 "siestas" had signed on. Come on over!

connorcolesmom said...

Now I know why God has had you on my heart today. I will definitely continue to pray for you.
By the way, I know you asked for suggestions the other day about new songs for the 2008 LPL conference. I love the Cd The Best of Passion (so far) a 2 disc cd. I love all of the songs but the 2nd song on the first CD
"You Alone" by Sam Perry is one
I can totally hear you and the praise band singing.

God bless,

Profbaugh said...

Hang in there Travis. I got your back in prayer.


Patty said...

Prayed for you today. May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon you ; and establish the work of your hands. (Ps. 90:17)

Three Fold Cord said...

We are in Atlanta!! I will pray for you as you lay down the tracks. It can be grueling. Peace to you and grace to stay away from A.I.

Your sista-Charlotte

Shelly said...

Well, b/c I love AI and I don't have tv here at school, I'm going to pray you CAN watch it. We both shouldn't have to be deprived of it, m'kay? :)

And since you don't have enough worship projects and records to cut, songs to sing, lyrics to write, dances to jig to :), and pj's to wear to the grocery store, I've found a new song I'm going to need you to sing, okay? (Well, I don't know how 'new' it is, but I get lost in my Greek textbooks up here and loose track of the cool new things...). Anyway, Hillsong 'Savior King' off of their United CD I believe. I know ... I know ... like you were really asking :)

Will be lifting you before His Throne...

Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear the new musical. I'm such a dork I live-blogged the Tuesday AI. (

However, I'm already sick of the first auditions, I can't wat till they get into the real stuff.

CrownLaidDown said...

OK, I have another song for you--how about "The Praise of my Heart" sung by P,C&D? I really, really like that song...and it is full. I know you could bring your own wonderful-ness to it.

Praying for your Fam!
Looking forward to your American Idol wrap-up!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious (I've been reading off and on for awhile) and the work you and your praise peeps do has meant so much to me. Thanks for all the hard work you put into what you do!

My favorite worship song right now is Inside Out (I'm listening to the Kristian Stanfill version). It is. Rocking. My. World. I have it on my treadmill mix before Footloose (tmi?) and I swear sometimes I think I'm going to run off the tread when I listen to it. Which is a miracle in itself. :)

My other suggestion would be "Brothers Forever" made famous by the silver cowboy on last weeks American Idol ...