Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally! In A Blogging Mood

Hey, friends!

It's Friday night, and the house is quiet. I just tucked the kids in bed. They went down so easily and sweetly tonight. I won't say that that is a rare thing. But let's just say that it is a blessing when they go straight to their nightly tasks with little resistance. All of them have their music playing and a book in hand. Sweet Jack - he rarely listens to anything but his daddy on his stereo when he goes to sleep. Poor kid...he may be in therapy for that one day. I try to persuade him to listen to somebody - anybody - else. He's pretty determined. The other night I wrestled him down to listening to Mandisa for a change.

Angela is having a night out with a couple of girlfriends...such a RARE event. I am so happy that she went out. They went to a church function at another church in our town. She is going to come home filled up...I'm sure of it.

I had to work a little late, so a couple of friends who are Belmont students came over and stayed with the kids until I got home. They had a great time. They were so at peace, and had their little love tanks filled all night. Pizza, Wii, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody can do the trick!

I must confess that I have been a little distant and detached from my blogging for a while now. I have loved posting some pictures every now and then. But my brain has been too...I don't know...unmoved by anything my own self has had to say. Ouch. If I am bored with myself, imagine the rest of the internets (to coin a Boomama phrase).

I did think of some funny posts. Like once after Beth did the post about her new Payless shoes and got, like a billion comments, I thought about posting a picture of my new New Balance running shoes to see if I could get the same reaction. : >) Then, I thought about auctioning off our old, used vacuum cleaner after Boomama's freak of nature Oreck give-away response ( : >) again).

Truthfully, I credit my lack of posting to a couple of things. After a really busy fall filled with lots of traveling, I spent most of the holiday at home doing nothing but enjoying being at home. Talk about VEGGING. I became permanently attached to my pajamas over the holidays. I was even going to (the) Kroger in them. Not cool. Needless to say, I was resting, recuperating, and enjoying almost every minute of it.

I have also become mildly obsessed with reading stuff about the election. I know it's early. But I am in that obsessive phase in my relationship with the candidates. I know I will eventually take a chill pill. But these days I have forgone the blogosphere for the "You Decide - osphere." I plan on getting a grip soon.

The only obsession that has trumped my candidate obsession is my love of the NFL. And this post-season has not disappointed. I will spare you my breakdowns, heartaches, victories, and other mindless and pointless details.


Now that January has hit, I have begun what will probably the most intense season of working hard that I have ever had. I am working on three projects. I am working on a worship musical for choirs. That will not be time intensive, with the exception of 3 or 4 days. It is pretty easy work for me...and I love doing it. The other two projects are taking over my brain daily and intensely. I am beginning the process of recording two solo records - a Christmas one and a "regular" one. I have had lots of meetings to listen to songs. Lots of meetings trying to write songs. Lots of meetings figuring out the where's, who's, and how much concerning all of the details of recording these projects at the same time. I have to say that it has been exhilarating and I have loved every minute of it. I have been able to write some songs with some of my favorite songwriters of all time.

I will be immersed in these projects for the next couple of months. I would be so blessed if you would pray for us as you think about it. We are excited about these creative days. But we also know that we need the hand of the Lord to guide us as we work, and the hand of the Lord to cover us while we are stretched.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to our Living Proof year to begin the last weekend of February. The praise team and I are picking out a bunch of new songs to do this year. It's time for an overhaul in our worship song repertoire (any suggestions?). I am pumped to get going with that. I love ministering at those events so much.

Enough for now. I hope you all have a great weekend. Three basketball games for us tomorrow. Talk to you soon...



Suzanne said...

Well...since you asked:
There are two songs on Hillsongs Mighty to Save CD that I would love to sing with a multitude of other women (OK, more like six, but I'm trying to be reasonable).

1. None but Jesus. It blesses me every time.

2. The Freedom We Know.
"We're gonna dance, dance, dance in the freedome we know, because the freedom we know is gonna last FOREVER!" Oh, yeah!

If you decide to do #2 I have one request. I'll be at LPL in San Diego this April cheering you on, so I want you to yell "This one's for you, Suzanne!"

That would be a HOOT! :-D

Travis said...

Those are good ones, Suzanne! Nirva, who sings on my team, LOVES None But Jesus.

I need to go live with the The Freedom We Know some more. It is a great song.

Todd Benkert said...


I'll be happy to pray for you and you family. I look forward to hearing the results of your work. Let us know on the blog if there are specific ways we can pray for you.

As for worship leading, I don't think I'll be attending any Beth More Conferences so I'll have to remember the good ol' days at Two Rivers.

-- Todd

p.s. 3 days left until Idol -- Will there be another Mandisa in the mix?

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

It's our honor to pray for you as you seek the Lord in these new projects.

Looking forward to worshipping with that praise team in San Antonio! I'm sure God will reveal to you what the new worship time should look like. He's so cool like that.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Anticipating HIM

Nicole - Christian, Wife, Mom & friend said...


Thanks for getting back in the mood! It's so great to hear from you. this is kinda out there as a request, but here goes. My kids and I are always listening to fun Christian songs, you know the ones from camp. Big House, J is for Jesus, Lord I lift Your name up High, Making melodies, Waves of mercy, and tons more. anyway, I love the songs, truly I do. But it would be awesome and fun to sing them together as women (and you) Then later when I'm listening with my children, I can remember that feeling. Anyway, kinda silly I know.

Sweet Tea & Grits said...

It's so good to hear from you, Travis. I am sitting here trying to imagine you standing in line in pajamas (did you have bed head?) at (THE) Kroger! What a sight that must have been! :)

I'm glad you have had a well-deserved season of rest and recuperation before your new projects begin. I can only imagine the blessings that will come from your new work!

I have so enjoyed the photos you have shared with us here, Travis. Thank you for giving us a window into your life. I look forward to seeing your photos every time I stop by.

I agree with Suzanne's suggestions, especially #1. LOVE it! But please, don't ever stop singing "Shackles" at the LPL events. I would be so sad if you did.

I'll be seeing you in SD in April! :)

boomama said...

Did you know that you are for sale for $10 in Lifeway right now? You are. You are on sale for $10. And for some reason when I saw your CD propped up next to Beth's Get Out Of That Pit devotion book, I got very tickled, because I thought, Well, someone is going to take both Beth and Travis to their houses for less than $25. And that is a bargain.


Praying for y'all....

Dionna said...

Travis - your posts are never boring! You could always post about your favorite gifts (although I'm not sure tennies would be a hit) - us women could always use cool new ideas for the man in our lives.
I'm glad you got some time to recharge over the break. My break was very busy with family being in town and I'm pooped! I keep hoping things will slow down soon.
And please don't try to change your lil one's comfort music at bedtime. It's so sweet.:)
And lastly - worship music? Well, my favorite song right now is "Sweetly Broken" by Jeremy Riddle. It moves my spirit so much. So, that's my suggestion to add to the mix.

Patty said...

So many things to comment about. First, the way you work you needed the time off and going to the Kroger in jammies is okay, but not all the time. :o)
I am excited about your new solo cds and I am looking forward to hearing the new songs from you and your praise team. Ya'll are truly my favorite praise team.
I like the Colts because if Peyton Manning(a former and most famous QB from the University of Tennessee)and I think it would be over the top if Peyton and Eli played against each other in the Super Bowl!
I have also been watching American Gladiators and I am not sure why I feel the need to watch this but I do and I have the whole house hooked on it. We are still trying to find a new church since we moved to the Nashville area and we visited New Vison and the praise team sang one of your songs! I am not sure what songs to suggest but after hearing Lici sing He Still Leads , I believe she needs to sing that at an event. Gave me chills!
Have fun at the Basketball games.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the jammie thing! Our family has been sick and we have only left the house as a foursome once since Chistmas day! I went back to work on Monday and woke up on Tuesday feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck (or wishing I had been!) I thought I was going to meet Jesus!

Gosh, Travis...I love whatever you sing...can't wait for the Christmas CD...and I am looking forward to seeing you in San Diego as well! I don't know anything about football...but GO COLTS! I have a girlie named Peyton...does that count? tee hee hee! Ü

Heather in CA

Cheryl said...

So glad to hear that you got some much needed rest but please, no more shopping in the pajamas!! As far as requests, you MUST sing the "Jesus Saves" song that you brought down the house with at the SBC this past summer! I still get chills when I think about it! Sure wish I had that one on cd!!!
We will definitely keep you in our prayers!

Michelle Bentham said...

Travis, I'm on the run between writing for my own blog, cooking up my beans and my rice for lunch and getting in the shower for church this afternoon, but I will be praying for you and your very hectic schedule. I'd like to say that since your work has God at the center, you are giving Him this first part of your year, and you should have enoyed that sabbath rest he gave you over the holidays! I pray you did! As for song suggestions I have a list... but I love "Hear Us From Heaven" (on the I Am Free album by Ross Parsley), also on that is the title track... "I AM FREE!!" Now that's a Beth song if I ever heard one.

Love ya and thanks for your transparency....


CrownLaidDown said...

Worship song: Nothing without you sung by Bebo Norman. It's been in my heart lately and is a good 'un.

Yay! I'm glad Angela got some girl time in! She's a gem!

I actually have been praying for your Christmas album and will add in the musical and other album--so not regular. God uses your voice in beyond normal ways!

And I think that it is very precious that your boy wants to hear his Daddy singing over him at night. Me, too, Jack!

Chris and I are huge Foxnews/ election junkies. We have just gotten our satellite back after a long period without. Now for a job! Please pray for just the right job for my wonderful engineer.
Blessings on you and your dear fam!

dateague518 said...

Thanks for coming back to the blog world and catching us up on your life. I'll be praying!

Anonymous said...

Hello Travis,

One of my new favorite songs this year is "Jesus Saves". I can't find it on any one CD. Do you know where I can find it on CD or download it? As someone else mentioned before "Hear Us From Heaven" is great song too.

Happy Blogging!

Fran said...

Hey Travis!!!
Wow! What an info-filled post!

First, I think its the sweetest thing your son listens to you at night. Maybe I should say thats cool and not sweet.

Second, Go Angela and being with your girls tonight. There's nothing better. Be filled!

Third, Always praying for you!

Fourth, can't help you with the music thing right this second. I just got back from a chick-fil-a run and jammed to Kirk Franklin the whole time and thats all I got going in my head! :)

Fifth, remember me emailing you about the prayer request for the womens retreat we are having and our need for music?? Well, I'll leave you a comment about it and you don't have to post. God did way more than I thought. How like Him!!

Sixth, I'm done. Good night. Have a blessed Sunday!

Darlene R. said...

So glad that you were in a blogging mood last night! I can't even imagine how busy you are going to be over the next months! Wow!
I have never been to a Living Proof event, but you better bet your biscuits I'm going to be at the one in August! I wouldn't miss that for the world. The only thing is that the two ladies that were going to go with me are now expecting, so I guess I'm going solo.
I'm sure that you have used this song before, but I love "Draw Me Close", It's my favorite.

We took the kids to see Veggie Tales today and my youngest was afraid of the cheese puffs! I was cracking up at that! Poor kid, no sympathy from his mom. I did cover his eyes though. :) The serpent in the reaction. The hopping cheese puffs...terror.

I hope that your wife had a great time out with her friends. Those times are such a blessing to a busy mommy.

Take Care,

Kelly S. said...

You already sing all my favorite worship songs!! I did love the music at Deeper Still, the Revelation Song was my favorite.

This story is too long for a comment, but I am compelled to spill it and I am not sure why today? Anyway, several years ago my youngest daughter (age 2 then) came through the house in nothing but her underwear, feather boa, and high heels singing "I'm Here For the Party" by Gretchen Wilson. While that was beyond funny, God really convicted me to find that sweet girl some music she could sing. About a month later I attened my first LPL and was blown away. God used you and your praise team to really show me what was available and one thing I was missing.... daily, intentional praise. I love music and continually have something playing so I can't tell you what a change that made in my daily walk, and in the messages my kids were hearing. Fast forward about 4 years. My girls recieved some great news in which they were both estatic. While jumping for joy, they both spontaneously started singing "We lift our hands in the Sanctuary" and doing a praise Jesus dance. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I sat in awe of God thanking Him for changing me, teaching me and showing me a different way- therefore showing them, and using you to do it! May He never stop showing me His way, and may I always be open to recieve it.
Why that came out today I'm, not sure, but I just want to sincerely say Thanks for your ministry.

twinkle said...

Happy New Year, Travis! It is going to be a great year and I can't wait to see how God works in the ministries you are involved in.

I have thought about your request for ideas of songs and sought a few to give you:

Facedown - Matt Redman
Hosanna - Brooke Fraser, Hillsong United
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin
In Christ Alone/Solid Rock - Travis! (Jennyhope and I want to hear this one just for us!)
We Long For You - Travis!
Resurrection - Nicol Sponberg

And could you come up with a medley of Fanny Crosby's hymns?

May God sweetly reveal songs that will lead us all into His Presence. Blessings to you and your family and your team...I'll be in Atlanta in June and will be looking forward to the event.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

A song that I absolutely love is "Lead me on and I will run after You." I think that's the title.

I will be praying for you and your upcoming busy season.

And I feel certain that if you post about your tennis shoes that the comments would come flooding in! I double dog dare ya'!!! If you do it, I'll link my blog to yours and ask my peeps to pop over!

Oh and by the way, I went out and bought the Beth shoes- they are the bomb!!!

The Millsaps said...

This is my first comment on your blog, although I have been reading from the beginning. I love all your music. One suggestion I have is "We Will Remember". It is fabulous!
Thanks for all you do!


CrownLaidDown said...

PS~ I agree with Twinkle...Amazing Grace with the added bridge by Chris T. is really a wonderful, timeless song. I love that he added the original final stanza to it, as well. But I want to harp about "Nothing without you," as well. I think you'd make it your own and it'd be great. BTW, I meant Zephaniah 3:17with my comment about Levi listening to his Daddy sing...I love to know that my Heavenly Daddy is singing over me at night. mmmm!

Anonymous said...

Did you read Beth's new blog from today? So cool if you can mix some precious old hymns with new songs. What is it about the old hymns that strike such a chord in our hearts. Do you feel the same? Karen

Dori said...

Okay -- I wasn't gonna comment, but I got to put my 2 cents in...since you asked and all that!

I'm with my sister, Holly :) Amazing Grace with My Chains are Gone. Love the Gateway song, "The More I Seek You." Really, really loving the Hillsongs song, "Mighty to Save."

if I had my selection it would have to be....drumroll...


Favorite hymn of all time, hands down...nothin' but net!

See you soon -- tell Angela I said HI!


jennyhope said...

My my I am behind I had no idea that you were back in the land of blog.
I am so praying for you in this season and I am so glad God is already On it!

Cindy in MI said...

How Deep the Father's Love by Stewart Townend (that is the correct spelling). Talk about a song that will bring you to your knees...

TammieFay said...

I'm sure you have heard these... currently 3 I sing often to the Lord....awesome!

You Are Everything - Matthew West
God in Me - Daniel Doss Band
Everlasting God - Lincoln Brewster

With your arranging skills, these would work!

Don't discourage that sweet son of yours from listening to the voice of his Father singing over him...I hear the voice of my Father when you sing too (and I have most of your CD's to prove it!)
You and yours are too precious! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

Anonymous said...

Click here to hear an awesome version of "Jesus Saves".

Chris Stapper said...

Alright Trav, here are my suggestions:

Hillsong: Mighty to Save, From the Inside Out
Steve Fee: Beautiful the Blood, Glorious One
Kristian Stanfill: Jesus Paid It All
Charile Hall: Center
Matt Redman: Nothing But the Blood
Don't Know Artist: All Who are Thirsty

And then, of course, anything off of the forthcoming Jessica Simpson / Tony Romo CD.


Susan B. said...

Travis, I heard a song at a the worship & praise before a Christmas presentation - "Behold, He Comes!" The congregation joined in the singing, and I loved it! My sweet husband tried to find a CD of the praise band for me for Christmas, but could not. I've searched for it on i-tunes, and haven't found what I'm looking for. You know how energetic praise songs can be at a live event, and what I found was not as up-beat. I'm not sure it's the same song. Anyway, since you asked for suggestions, I'd love to hear you sing it!

Shelly said...

Oh wait! Come to think of it...what in the WORLD was the song that Lici sang at Providence, RI this past year ... hmm... on Saturday ... I think a hymn. Give that one a round again! WOOH COME JESUS!

And you know I was amen'ing the 'Give me Jesus' rendition you did at the Pre-Conference in the A-T-L.

And if you are even thinking about tossing out the 'Revelation Song,' I hope Jesus gives you a revelation to keep that in there for a bit longer. (That was about as fake threatening as I could even pretend to be! lol)

Bev Brandon said...

Praying for you Travis...
Isaiah 44
Listen Travis,
This is what your Lord says
He who made you
and Who will help you.
Do not be afraid
my servant
whom I have chosen
For I will pour water
on the thirsty land
I will pour out
my Sirit
through you.
An d thos who hear
will spring up
like grass in a meadow
and people will
actually write
on their hands
on their hearts
"The Lord's"

I believe your good God will do this through your words, your melody. Praying for you Isaiah 44.

Kris Bee said...

Revelation Song!!!