Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hold Up The Light


BooMama said...


I need to go get me a white handkerchief and wave it a little. Yes I do.

mandy said...

is that WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!?????

Amanda said...


Mom and I had a good laugh about Levi's goggles today.

Shelly said...

I do love me some CeCe...

And clearly you can't just sit and watch this one!

And re: babybangs - If Mac is His chosen one, I guess that makes my Dell an alien and foreigner in this web-land. Hmm...wait! I think the foreigner and outcast are the ones He chooses to rescue and redeem! LOL!

Leigh Gray said...

wow - now that is some hair!!! i mean lots of hair!!!

seeing where one has come from or began is beautiful!! may we all never forget no matter where the road goes!!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...


A good reminder to "Hold up the Light."


Abby said...

yes!!! where has this whitney gone?!?!

mmmm we are gettin' our praise on down here on oak island!! :)

CrownLaidDown said...

I met CeCe Winans in Shreveport about 6 years ago...she is so beautiful. I told her that and she was so humble...the prettiest skin and the most gorgeous light of Christ in her eyes. Mmmm...she rocks on the Rock :)
Have a great Wednesday! We're headed to Estes Park this weekend...so sorry it's a week late!

CrownLaidDown said...

I wondered..if you are coming to Denver with Women of Faith. If you are, will you please sing "Our Heart?" It has been in my heart lately, and I would love to hear it there!

Praying for Atlanta!
In His Joy,

Jami said...

:) Crazy what you can find now on YouTube...that is some good stuff!! :)
So I am currently listening to The Lamb Has Overcome CD purchased yesterday...and I LOVE it! :) I am a student in Boone...I went to the conference in May, and cannot get the "Made Me Glad" song out of my head. :) THank you for your example of Jesus in your life and leadership. :) And thanks for indirectly helping me get my praise on right now as I unpack in my apt!! :)

Profbaugh said...

So just how do you find this stuff on you tube??? Talk about a blast from the past!

Hope Indy went well.


Lisa P. said...

Hows'bout some footage of that Sandi Patty/YOU singing "It Is Well" from ATL WOF?

Joanne said...

I agree with Lisa P. I would love to hear you & Sandy Patty sing "It is well"!!! CAN WE, PLEASE?!
Joanne from NH

RealEstateGirl said...

Love the video!

That was before Whitney allowed the chokehold of drugs to ruin her life, not to mention her vocal chords.

We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will shine His light back into her life and guide her back to Him.

So sad that she's wasted this wonderful God-given gift of her voice. She needs to know it's not too late to return to her first love.

May abundant blessings be yours this week, my friend!

puzzlepiecesista said...

Ah Trav, Are you there??? Are ya alive??? Do you need more oxygen!!??!! hee!hee! I just saw your blog comment on Beth and AJ's about singing with Sandi Patty. What a moment in history huh!!! Wishin' I were there to hear you two bring the house down!! I agree with Lisa P too, would love for you to post a little of that one!!! Then it would REALLY be "Well With My Soul"!!!!!!

Love to you all,
Angela in Redmond, WA

Profbaugh said...

Okay, you sang with Sandi Patty in Atlanta? Oh my heart be still!! I've got chills just thinking about it. Oh my goodness!! My mouth is just hanging wide open. I'm glad this bloggin' thing isn't in real time with webcames. I'd be up a creek.

So do tell Travis. How was it?? Inquiring minds want to know.

in Sizzlin' St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Okay, if enough of us keep pleading, maybe, just maybe, we'll get to hear a part of that duet!!
So here's my official plea...PLEEEEEEASE!!!
Kelli in Ohio

Heather said...

Hi Travis! Just wanted to jump in here since I saw your comment on Beth's blog! I am such a huge fan of your music and I keep your cd's going in my car 95% of the time (the rest of the time I have to turn it over to Veggie Tales for the kiddos...) But I have a blast pulling into the parking lot of our conservative Southern Baptist church in East Texas with "Shackles" blasting really loud! ;-) Christ Alone is probably my absolute favorite though.
Anyway, just had to say hi and YOU ROCK!!! :-)

Profbaugh said...

Hey Heather,

The next time you get sick of Veggie Tales blasting for the kids, check out Travis' version of Cartoons (on his CD, Revelation) Your kids will love it! Travis' voice beats Bob and Larry hands down every time!!


Darla said...

Travis, hey no more Fanny Rocks shirts?? I am so bummin! well sort of-whitney Houston!!! what happend to her...

Question for ya...if we girls are all siestas, should we call you that too, or maybe...mmmmm have to think about it :)

Can't wait to hear you at LPL in RI!

Abby said...

just wanted to say THANKS a lot for getting me addicted to watching old performances on youtube...

...ahh the hours i've now wasted :)

Joanne said...

O.k. Travis, I'm putting in another ple...please!!!
Good thinking Kelli in Ohio!

Joanne from NH
P.S. I get to see you next weekend in RI- cannot wait! I will be sporting a "small" princess teara(?spell) I'm so excited to have found one this weekend. Sorry this probably sounds silly but ever since I found out I'm a real princess of my King I've been a new women. No fresh remarks from you Sherri Moore.