Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Pics Day

It's time for what we like to call Random Pics From My Phone Day. Riveting, I know.

View from the front door of my in-laws' place in Jackson, TN. It was so breathtaking when I stepped outside, I had to take a pic. You can't see that it was snowing the most beautiful snow in that moment. But it was.

The first Sunday I led worship at Englewood, I had my very own folder with my very own name on it. I liked it.

My favorite meal. Picture-worthy. Always.

This is Lici on the bus during one of our Jesus Saves Live weekends. Nobody can tell a story like Lici.

She becomes one with the story.

I wish I had a video of this one.

I promise you everyone within earshot is always captivated when she is telling a story. Apparently, she thinks it's pretty funny, too. :-)


Mike H. said...

I like those pictures....especially
the cool folder ! :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Wow!! A folder with your name on it. At our church all you get is an offering envelope with your name on it!! Hee,hee!! I'm very impressed!


Tiffani said...

Too are always worth words!! Few or 1000!!!

Andrea said...

PAPPASITOS! Oh yum. That's some seriously good eatin' there. Gee, thanks, now I've got a craving going.



Thanks Travis for the pic's it looks like you were having fun I love the one at the end of her laughing something was pretty funny.
And your own personal folder awesome.
Have fun this weekend in Toronto Canda I wish I could go but to far.
Hopefully you will come back to Albuquerque NM

Anonymous said...

Travis....know you're extremely busy, but I just HAD to share this with you - may it encourage you in your writing!! My husband and I also had just a genuine, joyous laugh b/c of you!!

In November I went to LPL in Spfld, Il and heard "In the Sanctuary" for the first time - came home and told my husband (Worship leader) "we HAVE to do this song." he says, "wow, the band/orchestra is REALLY not gonna like how hard it is to play."
But always being one to challenge the choir and "band", he pushes them.
about 6 weeks ago we did it for the first time in church - and OH MY GOSH! - they APPLAUDED at the end!!! they LOVED it - and do you know, people REQUEST it all the time!!!
we don't talk in depth on Sunday AM at church, so when we got home, we busted out laughing! it was awesome and so much fun!!
And just so you know, God was glorified that morning - you can't not smile AND CLAP while singing that song!
oh yeah...the "band" pulled it off fabulously also.

Living day by day for Jesus said...

I loove a good story time I am at LPL...ummm...I will let you know and she can get up and tell a

Nancy said...

It was so good to see Lici and Seth in the pics, have missed you all since you were at our church last Oct. Please send them our love from Christ-St Pauls in Yonges Island, and of course, to you, too.

Enjoy your new folder!

Sara said...

Tell Lici we need her on Twitter and a blog NOW! I adore her and every conference we go to I can't wait to hug her neck!

Janet Cazares said...

TRAVIS!!!!!!!! That is MY favorite meal, TOO!!!!!!!!! I love cutting up the pineapple and wrapping up some of it in my tortilla! Just another reason to love you, brother!