Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday In The Dark

Hey, everybody. I am sitting in the dark, in the corner of my hotel room in Houston, TX this morning. Angela is asleep, and I am trying not to wake her. We are in Houston for Melissa Moore's wedding...and we are without this is Angela's big chance to sleep the day away. And I hope she is able to. My sister Kathy drove in from North Carolina to keep the kids while we are here. They were so excited to be with Aunt Kathy. They had the counter lined with one homemade valentine after another...complete with bags of little hearts and a huge Hershey Kiss. They will spend the morning going from one basketball game to another, until mid-afternoon, when I predict they will come home and spend the rest of the day playing Wii.

I have missed blogging these past two weeks...but it has been such a busy time, I have been preoccupied with a ton of other things. And when I finally do get to my computer, I end up either working on praise team stuff, or reading about the blogging Compassion International trip. I think I just woke Angela up, crying over a video where
Shannon met the child that her family sponsors. Very moving. I have been praying for Brian and Shaun and Sophie and everyone on this trip. I am pumped to be a part of bringing hope to as many of these sweet kids as I can.

I knew that my blogging absence was noticed when I got a note from Mel basically saying GET THAT SUPER BOWL ENTRY OFF THE TOP OF YOUR BLOG. And speaking of Bigmama, I was inspired by her list of 80's songs. Being an 80's music junkie AND expert, I am going to list for you my 80's playlist on my iPod. But not now. I'm afraid listing it now would cause me to break into much loud singing and busting of grooves (emphasis on BUSTING) and wake my bride. So I will do that on my next post.

Just know that it is a long, extensive and joy-inducing list.

Last weekend I had the privilege of serving with Max Lucado at a 3:16 event. 3:16 is the name of his latest book. It's an amazing work...go get it and read it. I had the privilege of creating a worship musical as a companion piece to the book. And we did an event together last weekend in San Antonio...along with Michael W, Mandisa, Sandi Patty, Anthony Evans, and others. It was a great time.

Then, I stayed over and led worship at Max's church on Saturday and Sunday, and had an amazing time. Their worship leader, Jeff Nelson, was a blast to work with, as was their whole worship team. One of my very best friends in the whole wide world - a friend from college - married Max's niece. And they (Larry and Allison Blake) came in for the weekend. So we all stayed at Max's house. Yes you heard me right. I spent the night at Max's house. I know it is so uncool and gooberish of me to tell this. But I was so geeked to be there. And we had a GREAT time. And he read "You Are Special" to all of us at bedtime.

OK. That's not true. But He and his wife Denalyn were gracious and warm and generous hosts. The Lucado's used to be missionaries in Brazil. And Denalyn cooked us some kind of Brazilian beans and rice meal that caused me to embarrass myself I ate so much. Yum.

Jenna Lucado, one of max and Denalyn's daughters, sang with me on the praise team at their church. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and was a joy to hang with. She is currently teaching on the Revovle tour for young girls. Expect the Lord to continue to use her mightily in her generation.

And as if the weekend could get any better...I got to meet my all-time favorite athlete....David Robinson, formerly of the San Antonio Spurs.

I knew that he went to church there, and even serves on staff. So I had my 10 or so David Robinson trading cards with me for him to sign. I felt slightly stalkerish when I pulled them out...but he was gracious and kind. We had 15 or 20 minutes to visit. I spent the whole time trying to put my brain into record mode...wanting to remember everything we talked about.

I have missed a few events that I wanted to blog my birthday celebration with the family. We took some great pictures, and I will share them with you soon...if you don't mind that it's old news.

OK...for real, she could sleep until 3pm. I'm not lying. And SHE DESERVES IT. She is one amazing, home-schoolin', home-cookin', house-keepin', taxi-drivin', kid-raisin', carrot-juicin', bargain-shoppin', song-writin', bible-teachin', girl-mentorin', cool jean-wearin', choir-singin', ever-prayin' ever-lovin' hottie.

And she's mine.

Happy weekend to you...



Cindy said...

Hey Travis,

Good to have you back, we missed you! It does sound like you've been busy. I have had Beth and her family on my mind all week, praying that everything would go smoothly and for the Lord to bless this most wonderful, beautiful time for their family...which I'm sure he will.

Did you really say gooberish? :o)

It's funny, when you said you felt stalkerish when you pulled out your trading cards to be signed, that's how I felt when I saw you in Asheville one weekend, my girls and I (you signed her goosebumps book) had our picture taken with you and then we saw you the following weekend and I had my pictures of us together in hand for you to sign.

I hope you and Angela enjoy your time together this weekend....we all need that every once in a while. I will be praying over the wedding this afternoon. Can't wait to see the pics that you or Beth will surely post soon.

Much love,
Cindy in Weaverville

Dionna said...

Enjoy the wedding, Travis. I'm sure it will be both special and beautiful.

I didn't know about the Compassion blog thing. I'll have to check that out. I sponsor a special little girl in Haiti. :)

Shelly said...

I love your picture - my you have grown since you've been gone :)

And I love even more that you're letting your 'bride' sleep as long as she wants - big claps!

Nate is coming here today - he's been back in the country for a whopping 24 hours...and I'm dying to see him. We'll be praising Jesus for the Moore-Fitzpatrick wedding while we're here. Y'all have fun!

jennyhope said...

you just made me laugh so wont remember this probably but when beth taped the patriarchs me and my friends were in the book store and we saw our celebrity friend Travis. Me feeling like we were all friends from bible study screamed TRAVIS and we got our pictures made with you! I was the stalker girl that day! My friends were so embarrassed but sure were proud later to have that pic! LOL!
I love the picture of you on the chair that is hysterical!!!!
Also, right on about your sweet rise and call her blessed...she has blessed the multitudes by her sacrifice to allow you to serve in the way God has called you to and minister to our hearts so many times through song. I was up praying for all of you and the wedding this morning and the cd projects! I hope you have a wonderful day!! =)

twinkle said...

Blessed. That post of yours.
A secret...I woke up this morning...thought of Melissa and all this day means...and wept. God is so good!
I visited Max's church in '98. He is awesome. He sparked a flame in my life with his books a very long time ago. swoon "He shook my hand!" swoon.
That same time in '98, I was visiting San'tonio for extended business and ventured to a certain church in Houston...and a certain Sunday School class in that church...Beth's. I had the distinct pleasure of being a visitor to her class from the furtherest distance (Georgia). Beth asked me to visit with her after the class was over and she introduced me to the rest of the Moore's. AJ, Lis and Keith. I was "gooberish," too, and gave her a gift basket with scented candles and other pretty things, as a gift from the women at my church that had loved her study on "A Woman's Heart."
Blessed. All of you have blessed me so much. Thanks for sharing. Ya'll have a blessed day. Know I'm praying for each one. Lis is comin' to Georgia! We welcome her here with open arms.

Todd Benkert said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Sounds like you've been busy. Certainly more exciting than being cooped up in a library. :-)

Sorry to hear the 3:16 event in Indianapolis next month was canceled, I was hoping I might get to catch up with you.

-- Todd

Lesley said...

Hi, I am here by way of 'big' and 'boo' even though I don't really know them either. This was an awesome blog post. So funny and super sweet the way you were loving on your wife. I love the story about staying at Max Lucado's house. I cracked up when you said he read to you guys at bedtime! That still makes me giggle.

Lindsee said...

Praying for all of you today. I know the weather is supposed to be awful...praying hard against that! (It can be disgusting and humid, but I sure don't want the winds and rains and hail and tornados to come!)

You are so precious to your wife!

Have a fabulous time tonight!


P.S. Your basketball pic is hilarious!

Fran said...

Every bit of that entry was loaded in "cool-ness!" I mean I just kept thinking.....really?!

You get to do some cool stuff and we all just go.....really?! :)

I'm praying for that Moore wedding tonight.....hoping the weather holds off.

Have a blast. Be safe. I'm so glad you are the real deal.

And, Compassion has changed my heart in 101 ways.


Patty said...

Looking forward to your b'day pics! How sweet are you to let your beautiful wife sleep in?! You are right, she deserves it!! I homeschool my two sons and Angela deserves an award for that! A blessing but a lot of work. :o) I was at Deeper Still working the event as an encourager and saw those famous jeans up close and I agree with all that Sophie said about her jeans!
As I was face down before our Mighty God I prayed for the Moore/Fitzpatrick wedding. May God calm the storms in the area and bless them with a beautiful wedding.

Cheryl said...

At least we now know that the people we stalk, stalk others,lol! I was more than excited to show people the picture of you, me and my hubbie from the Southern Baptist Convention!
I guess the wedding is probably over by now, but I've been praying since yesterday for them!

jl said...

I feel so gooberish just commenting :) But before you take too much of the attention, can I just say, as much as I love worshipping our Jesus when you lead us to His throne I would feel most gooberish meeting Angela!!!

Tell her I love her too! And even though she doesn't get to be the "front" one of the family. My husband is sweet like you in letting me sleep in and I love all her titles!!! I share many of the same and the homeschooling one can be the biggest hat I wear most days!!! So tell her I would want my picture with her and would love to hang and drink coffee and if you happened to be along well, I'd ask to have a pic with you too :)!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your entire post...but my favorite word was "hottie". I love to see a man loving his wife! Praying over the Moore wedding. I'm sure God will be there in a big way!


Deidre said...

How amazing you are letting Angela sleep late! My love language. (That's not really a love language is it? My husband thinks it is, so I'll agree and take it :)

I need to get Max Lucado's latest book. I've heard it's great. It's so cool you were able to stay at his home (and the comment about him reading you a bedtime story cracked me up!)

Enjoy your weekend away!

Darlene R. said...

So hey Travis, there you are! I figured you were a little busy with, you know, stuff.
So, this right here...

I know it is so uncool and gooberish of me to tell this. But I was so geeked to be there. And we had a GREAT time. And he read "You Are Special" to all of us at bedtime.

...cracked me up! I instantly pictured you all sitting in a circle listening to him read. Ha!:)

And this right here...

And Denalyn cooked us some kind of Brazilian beans and rice meal that caused me to embarrass myself I ate so much. Yum.

...scared me a little! ;)Do
you hear what I'm sayin"?

And then there was this...

she is one amazing, home-schoolin', home-cookin', house-keepin', taxi-drivin', kid-raisin', carrot-juicin', bargain-shoppin', song-writin', bible-teachin', girl-mentorin', cool jean-wearin', choir-singin', ever-prayin' ever-lovin' hottie.

And she's mine. the SWEETEST thing I've ever read.

Glad you've had a "super awesome" weekend!

BTW, 80's music does rock. No question.

Darlene R. said...

I forgot to say that I have been reading all of the Compassion post and I have cried over them too. We're going to make a difference in some child's life very soon. What an amazing trip.

Nancy said...

Just love your posts. And your music--Went to Lifeway today, they had your album Found album on sale for $10. But they were sold out. Matter of fact, they were sold out of EVERY other Travis Cottrell album too. All that was left was the divider with you name on it. Yay, we all love your music!! I'm headed over to iTunes....

Kelly S. said...

I hope you all had a wonderful time at the wedding! I have been praying for them all day too, and how sweet to read the other comments.

Those pics of you and David Robinson are hilarious!! Thank you so much for sharing. I can so identify with Anglea and good for you for allowing her much needed rest!
3:16 is absolutley AWESOME....I LOVE IT! I could listen 24/7!

Abby said...

thanks for leaving town so i could see your beautiful sister :)
hope you guys are having a blast and a little breather from parenthood!

hutch and i saw your younger two at barnes & noble for a bit last night...levi was really sweet helping hutch walk around and look at books, and lily kate was telling me about her next adventure as a flower've got some awesome kids

chickadee said...

i've been reading the compassion blogs too this week and also crying.

since i just started reading your blog, i too, was wondering if you were ever going to post again.

Marc and Charity said...

Hi Travis, I don't think I've ever commented here before, but maybe I have...who knows! :)

This post made me laugh so much, not sure if it's the joke about Max Lucado reading to you or you standing on the chair. Funny.

We serve overseas with the IMB and so it's so fun to see all these blogs to make us feel a bit more connected to life in the states. I've read Boomama for a long time, but I must have missed something about your wife's awesome jeans...must go back and find out. :)

I enjoy reading your blog.

Fiddle*sticks said...

So glad you're back!

I've been crying my eyes out over those blogs too. There's an insanely gorgeous picture of Boo rocking one of the kids on Shaun's page. Their trip has been amazing. I'm broke as a joke, but trying desperately to figure out how I can sponsor a child. I was just wrenched to see all those pictures with the red AIDS ribbons on their pictures. It's just poverty and hardship that I know nothing about. I'm just heartbroken. Pray Psalm 86 for them today!

Joni said...

I just found your blog and wanted to let you know the music you provided at a Living Proof event in Columbia, SC this past summer was unbelievable. I've never experienced anything like the thickness of His presence in the air that night. The entire weekend really is beyond words....

Bev Brandon said...

You write like we are sitting across from you having Starbucks and we would be star struck with you. So glad to see Max Lucado is a real person---didn't have a clue what he looked like but do I ever know his words. And DR---my kid would be star struck---his 5'8" big brother stands on chairs when we take photos w/ his 6'4" little bro. You don't have to do this blog but it is such a blessing...for you have childlike faith and so honor HIM in your words as well as your music. You rock! And the God in you just pours out. You'll never quit on HIM or on your wife or kids and your courage so shows in all you do. Bring on the party pics...

Jan said...

Love the pic with you on the chair. But I LOVE the fact that you let Angela sleep...Hope you ordered room service, too.


Profbaugh said...

Woo Hoo, Travis. You're BACK!! I know I speak for many out here that have missed your blog. Like Bev, I feel I know you, Angela and the kids. I still swear that Lily Kate and my Sammie must be related--separated only by years, distance, and parents (tee hee).

I'm so glad you two are enjoy some much needed alone time. Although I'm sure you both miss the kids, there is nothing like "sleeping in." I'm praising the LORD for Angela's snooze time.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures! Safe travel, Travis.

P.S. And by the way I was ever so impressed. Max Lucado is one of my all-time favorites!

Much love,
St. Louis

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Welcome Back! Sounds like a busy few weeks.

And can I just say, letting your sweet wife sleep in on Saturday was probably the best Valentine's gift ever! :) At least this homeschool mom thinks so!

dear family said...

i knew you were cool, ya'll homeschool!! and from all wives everywhere thank you for letting your wife sleep.

CrownLaidDown said...

You had me going there for a moment with Mr. Robinson, until I scrolled down a bit and saw the chair--hilarious!

Praying for you all, especially your beautiful, darlin' wife. Let her know that I'm praying for her March trip (talked with Dori and am praying for the details for everybody going).

Lindsee said...


It was so nice meeting you today! Such a pleasant surprise that you would be leading worship!

I'm just so glad I got up the stinkin' nerve to come say hi. You know how silly we feel talking to people we've never met but commenting like we're bff. :)

So, it was just a delight to meet you. Worship was fabulous! I Praise the Lord for what you're doing! Keep it up, friend.

Hope you and your precious wife had a great time in Houston! Have a great week!

Lindsee (with two e's!) :)

Oh, and I gave you a little shout out on my blog! I just had to!

boomama said...

I'm in Brussels. And exhausted. But thought about you and Angela on Saturday or Friday or whatever day it was there when it was Saturday in Houston. And I just inadvertently spent a small fortune on internet access, so I thought I'd read some blogs.

Also: cankles.


Jenny said...

I loved reading all the blogs from Uganda! I think it was an inspired thought to do it. I hope you guys have a great time at the wedding and I can't wait to see your 80's somg list.

My girls and I just watched "Girls just want to have fun" and it was such a hoot! The music, the hairstyles and the dance TV show. Very fun for girls!

Three Fold Cord said...

Wow, seeing David Robinson brought back a ton of memories when they were all in the Olympics... you know Charles Barkley, Jordan, Pippen etc.

I am amazed at your woman's accomplishments and day to day activities. I am a mom that is considering home schoolin' and have personal experience but am scared half to death that God is asking me to do this for my family as well. If you don't mind will you ask her what her favorite home schoolin' book is????

So awesome that you are letting her sleep in and even better then that is the fact that you will be at the Moore wedding that we are all waiting patiently to hear about.

Hope you ahd a wonderful weekend!!

ncgator said...

Thanks, Travis for filling us in on what you've been doin'! I enjoy your blog.

Jai said...

Thank you Travis for the laughter and for letting your wife sleep in. This entry was really cute. The pic of you (on the chair) and David was really funny! Hope you had a great weekend. Be blessed!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

WOW! That sounds like a very fun & exciting weekend. I love that you refer to your wife as your bride. My dad says that about my mom and I think it is so sweet!

Janet Roller said...

I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for letting us in on a bit of your life...even from a quiet corner!

Colton said...

Travis -
I just thought I would drop in and say that it was a pleasure having you lead us through worship over the weekend. The feedback that I have received from the congregation has been nothing short of wonderful.

In rehearsing the songs during the prior week I knew that they lent themselves to being very engaging, exciting and contemplative but I hadn't expected that they would translate so well. Every time I looked out on the congregation, they were engaging their God in a very real way, excitedly and passionately.

That is a gift.

Having to focus on tempos, starting songs, audibles on the line of scrimmage, etc. doesn't often leave me to the opportunity to get very "worshipful" in the traditional sense while I am playing -- I just have too much going on in my head and the drums are just way too physically demanding -- but during the weekend that you led, there were many times when I couldn't not (grammar?) be in a deep place of worship.

Thanks again for your easy going, tender nature and for doing such an amazing job of leading us all into the presence of HIM.


p.s. I don't mean to embarrass you with this by airing it publicly, I just forgot to get your email address before you left.

p.p.s. I can firmly and confidently say that "gooberish" is the perfect word for your meeting with D-Rob. I am just happy that I was there to witness you in a nervous, awestruck, childlike state. Priceless.

Jenn said...

I just had to let you know that I cracked up reading this post.

Especially "You are special". That's awesome.

And while watching Beth's "Stepping Up" video, I realized that I went to Lee (University) with Lici Brown!!!! Y'all did such a good job!

valerie said...

That is so cool that you got to spend the night at Max Lucado's house. That cracked me up about him reading to you. :)
Max Lucado is awesome.

brian7 said...

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