Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm North of You, Eh?

Hello, friends. It's a sunny day, here in Vancouver, BC. I got here Wednesday night, around midnight (which was 2am to my contacts). I spent much of yesterday resting and working on learning some of the new songs the team and I will be doing this weekend. It was a peaceful and easy day (cue Eagles). Last night I led worship for a women's leadership training conference an hour or so from Vancouver. It was a warm and open atmosphere to lead in...and those sweet Canadian women sang their hearts out to Jesus. We sang simple stuff that most everyone knows...Blessed Be Your Name, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Above All, In Christ Alone. I sang a couple of solos, including a new song that I wrote for my next record. I am excited to have some new stuff to sing. Speaking of which...and I didn't mean to row down this stream on this post...but it looks like my next record is going to be a little, a lot delayed. But I am total peace about it, because I have people helping me make decisions that I totally trust and love. Not to mention my sweet hottie wife who talks to Jesus more than anyone I know, and is at peace with our working recording schedule.

Blah blah ramble blah blah.

We have a Living Proof Live event this weekend. It's our first of the year...and our first Living Proof since AUGUST. That is TOO LONG between events. Beth and I have had other events together since August, but this is our first LPL since then. And I am so ready to get back at it. My band had some drama getting here of them missed the first flight...we prayed her here, and she finally got here around midnight last night. When she renewed her passport for this trip, somehow her new picture got put on her old passport. And she didn't realize it until she was trying to check in. Fun times.

Anyway, we would appreciate your prayers as we ask the Lord to work some miracles in lives as we worship and study this weekend.

So this is my first trip to Canada. And so far our northern friends are showing out...beautiful weather, beautiful city, friendly people.

Next week, I am heading to Puerto Rico to do a video shoot for a song for the International Mission Board. Yessss. I need me some Caribbean Islands right now. Puerto Rico considered a Caribbean Island? Anyway, it's sunny and beautiful and I can't wait. I went there once in 7th grade with my parents. I remember the water being amazing. And I remember playing the steel drums. And I remember leaving the dinner table early to go up to the room and watch Square Pegs. Don't judge me.

I am trying to upload a picture from my hotel window that my friend Rich took yesterday so you can see this amazing view. Photobucket is not cooperating. I will keep trying. Have a great day!


Big Mama said...

Square Pegs is a television classic, much like Good Times.

Kelly S. said...

Thanks for the update, I will be praying!

Square Pegs was awesome...never missed an episode.

We finished Stepping Up....Amazing! Thank you all so much. My favorite was Stand in Awe.

Deidre said...

Square Pegs!! Of course, who wouldn't visit sunny Puerto Rico and go to the room to watch Square Pegs?? Classic!

The mention of a new album gets me very excited. My girls (6 and 2) have been praising all week long to My Passion - LOVE IT!! Nothing better than watching my girls with their hands in the air singing "...You are my reason for living..." Thank you for this wonderful tool we have to worship!

I pray you all have a amazing time worshipping our precious Lord this weekend.

connorcolesmom said...

I love the "blah blah ramble blah blah" That made me LOL!!
I will be praying for all of you. I bet after that Canadian weather you will really love being in Puerto Rico!
BTW: I had read your sweet comments about Angela last week (the one when you were at Melissa's wedding) and in it you stated that she is a homeschooling mom.
Well God just called me to homeschool my 2nd grader! I never thought I would enjoy it or be able to do it but I am LOVING IT!!
What a blessing to be able to spend all our time with our children teaching them the whole truth academically and spiritually.
Stay warm and enjoy this weekend!

Fran said...

How did I miss Square Pegs??

And...of course we are praying for the LPL event....keep some Southern in ya while you are there!
They'll love it! :)

May God shine gloriously through you all.

CrownLaidDown said...

Yikes? Square pegs?? Ok, I see. But can you sing the theme song? I can! Again yikes!

Praying for you all this weekend...haven't received a prayer sheet from LPM, yet, but am praying all the same.

Do you know what? A friend blessed me this week with a ticket to the LPM conference in Colorado Springs. I am so pumped and excited and blessed to have a friend like that!

Praying for you and your family,

CrownLaidDown said...

Hey! Did you know...

You can now watch Square pegs again in Puerto Rico!

Lisa said...

Sunshine??? Travis, we're in Vancouver and CAN"T WAIT to be with you and Beth tonight, but we're not seeing the sun! :-) My girlfriends and I have been anxiously awaiting today since we were with you in Seattle last year. Thanks so much for your leadership and inspiration. I'm so excited to praise God through your music tonight and tomorrow!

Patty said...

You won't be judged here: how can I when I watched the show myself?
I have already been praying for you and your praise team. Do me a favor, if Lici is with you, tell her Patty(Denise's best friend from High school) says hello and that me and her and Denise need to go do something, soon! :o)
Many blessings to you and your praise team and Beth and all the attendees.

Lindsee said...

Praying for this weekend! Praying that HIS light would shine BRIGHT and that lives would be touched and changed!

Now, go do what you do best. Sing you ever livin' heart out!


HisTreasuredPossession said...

yup, praying for this weekend. Can't wait to see the recap.

Donna said...

Do you have time to hop over to Victoria? Talk about a beautiful city... Have a great trip, eh?

Laura said...

Not only Good Times, but also Alice. Classics

jennyhope said...

Just finished praying for all of you! Can't wait to hear how God shows up for yall!

Cindy said...

I started thinking and praying about this weekends Living Proof event yesterday morning. Living Proof was a life changing event for me last year! I just know there will be so, so many souls blessed in Vancouver this weekend! My heart is just swelling and smiling.

Loved Square Pegs!

Is the hidden clue to your favorite duet 'Islands in the Stream' by Kenny and Dolly?

Praying for the event and for safe travels for you, Beth and the entire Living Proof gang.

Cindy in Weaverville

Michelle Bentham said...

Amen to Big Mama's Comment! Thanks for the insights and the sharing. I am praying this day as the women leave that they will take the Spirit of Praise with them that they received this weekend. That the deep truths of God will penetrate their hearts and minds and carry them to a new place of love and adoration for our Great and Mighty God. Amen, Travis and I am praying for your new "album."

I watched Square Pegs, too. The show where Sarah Jessica Parker was not so popular and not a Cosmo goddess. Funny how times change, huh! Not always for the better.


Shelly said...

Puerto Rico.....aaargh (crying over here in Boston).

Enjoy the rays for me :)

Hope this weekend was a blast.

annie said...

This is my first attempt at the blog thing. Enjoy reading your info. Hope you remembered your Sunday shoes for the Canada trip...wonder if they have a WalMart there?

Anonymous said...

Just got on the LPM blog and saw the new pictures from Vancouver. Looks like a great time of rejoicing!
I had a question about something I saw on your blog the other day. First let me say I love your music and was happy to see a link from the LPM blog for your website. Love MY PASSION and FOREVERMORE! And all the others too.
Okay, I saw something that said UGANDA the other day but then I could never see anything to click on. My husband's Mother and Father are Missionaries in Uganda and so naturally when I saw that I was curious. I didn't see it today though.
My husband Thaddeus' folks have been over there since '01 and started out in Soroti and now are in Arua. His brother Nathaniel and his wife and 3 kids are now over there as Missionaries too. We are planning on going over to visit in 2010.
Anyway thanks for the great music! I am currently taking Beth's class Stepping Up on Wednesday nights and we are enjoying the music!
Thanks again!
God bless you and your family!
Lori in SW MO

Anonymous said...

The worship in Vancouver was amazing! We were so blessed by you and your team. Hope you loved our beautiful country and will be coming back!!

boomama said...

Now I'm singing the Square Pegs theme song (always, never, quite right).

eunice said...

You aren't the only one getting old Ma. It took me 30 minutes to get a comment made on this "fad" internet. I think I know your secret 2nd favorite duet. What did you know in 7th grade anyway - TV was our lives! When do we see more photos?

Leslie said...

Just saw on the LPM blog that you're sick, so praying that you'll heal and be able to go to Puerto Rico. My family is from Puerto Rico and I can tell you that it's an island that needs much prayer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis,

Just got the call from Beth to pray for you. Trusting God to knock this thing on it's back so you can rise up and carry out the work the Lord has given you.

Cindy in MI

valerie said...

Praying for you Travis after reading on the LPM site that you aren't feeling well.
I enjoy your music so much.
I've been attending the Living Proof conferences for the past 6 years. I make an excuse to go on a trip somewhere where you all are each year. Yes, I'll be in San Antonio this Aug.
Our ladies are currently doing "Stepping Up" and I love the fact that you are singing each week.
May God continue to bless you and heal your body.

Anonymous said...

What's square pegs?