Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead

Hey, friends. Hope you are having a good week. It's been a good one here. Busy. Busy with work to do, things to accomplish, kids to raise, and DID I MENTION THAT HOMEWORK HAS TAKEN OVER THE EARTH?

I will be busy up at LifeWay corporate offices leading worship for their Women's Ministry Leadership Forum Thursday afternoon-Friday morning. Looking forward to seeing some friends while I'm there. Who knows? Frydaddy might even make an appearance.

THEN. This weekend is another weekend of our Jesus Saves Live Tour, which makes me so happy. These are fun weekends for me. I get to get on a bus and pretend I'm not ancient, and pretend that it's ok to eat a box of Hot Tamales in my bunk until I fall asleep and it will have no affect on my teeth, and pretend that it's totally cool for someone with my metabolism to eat pizza at 10:30 at night. Oh yeah. And it's pretty cool to get to passionately worship Jesus with friends from different churches. That's pretty cool too. ;-)

Actually, I can't wait! Here's where we will be this weekend:

Friday night, November 13: Jackson, TN - Englewood Baptist Church
Saturday night, November 14: Cartersville, GA (Atlanta area) - First Baptist Church Cartersville
Sunday night, November 15: Knoxville, TN - First Baptist Concord

Hope you can make it if you are close.

I have to go now. I am trying to keep my body on a schedule like the early days of daylight savings time. Asleep early...awake early. It's so hard for me to do. But I am TRYING. Anybody else grooving with the early bed time since 2 weekends ago?


boomama said...

You and David are not allowed to talk about being old EVER AGAIN EVER.


You are young and happening and with it and now.

That is all.

See you tomorrow.

Kelly S. said...

See you in KNOXVILLE :)

Kiki said...

Looking forward to the concert Saturday evening!!

Anonymous said...

Great to get to meet you in Nashville! Thanks for the photo op. I'll look forward to seeing you in NC in December too. You guys did a great job with worship as always!

Shari said...

Thank you for allowing us to sing with you Friday night at Englewood. I was at the Women of Joy conference in S'ville in May so I was thrilled when B. Gray told us about the concert and you coming. It was an awesome worship experience. Thank you for your music and your ministry...and your fun Twitter tweets!!
Shari Herron

Kim and Asa said...

Great worship time at Englewood on Friday! My soul needed it!

Thank you for the meet and greet time and for accepting my mito awareness bracelet.

God bless your sweet, beautiful family!


ksue said...

Makes me sad that I don't live in Jackson anymore! I would have totally been there on Friday night!

Ellen Kimbro said...

I just want to let you and your team know that the worship at Englewood the other night enabled me to interact with the Lord in a powerful way and to unload some heavy burdens that were weighing me down and hindering me. Thank you so much for the invitation near the end of the concert. I am definitely "unstuck" now.

The joy in that worship service was contagious, and it renewed my soul and enabled me to stand in awe of God again after a long desert season.

I thank God for your powerful, refreshing ministry.

Kiki said...

Way to bring the house down in Cartersville! You and your team were great. I especially enjoyed the Southern Gospel songs:)And I really, really enjoyed those high notes....

Bev Brandon said...

You, my dear, are totally delightful!

elawhorn said...

What a great evening of worship with you and your team tonight, it was fabulous.
BTW- the song you sang about Moses, I remembered it word for word as you were singing it from my church choir days in high school THIRTY years ago!!! I had so much fun listening to you sing it as I recalled the lines along with you in my mind!!! So fun. The whole night was uplifting, thought provoking and a joy to be a part of. Thanks so much for leading us in worship.


Lisa D. said...

Travis, Thank you so much for coming to Jackson, Tn. You blessed my heart. The Holy Spirit was in every little space in that room. Not a concert , but a Worship experience that I will never forget. We first saw you in Pigeon Forge at Women of Joy and we just thought you were good there. Everyone of you are so talented and I thank God that you use that to lift up the name of JESUS. PLEASE come to Jackson again and bless our hearts. Lisa Daniel Mercer Baptist Church Mercer, Tn

carolyn said...

I'm one of those "early morning people" anyway, so now I'm reeeeealy early morning. Which means I fall asleep quicker in the movie time with my hubby - now it's pretty much during the opening credits! LOL. Lately I've been picking movies (from our stash) and saying "I don't think I've seen this one" and my sweet husband just gives me that look...and I say OH yeah. duh. Early morning is sweeeeet time with the Lord, and the coffee tastes better! blessings...(come to California SOON..soon and VERY soon!)

Kathy said...

Crazy story....did you get a text from one of your nieces last Wednesday asking when you'd be back to North Carolina? She came to my home with my son, and I was telling them that I had gone to the Women of Faith Conference and she asked me if I knew Beth Moore, and of course I said "Yes!!!!" and then proceeded to tell her about the current Bible study we're doing (Esther), and how we hosted the simulcast, and yada yada yada. When I finally stopped talking, she said "my uncle sings with Beth"....I honestly thought my heart would stop! I said, in a very stuttering voice, "who, who, who is your uncle????" And she said, "Travis.." and I didn't even wait for her to say your last name. I just started squealing and clapping (for like 30 minutes)!

You have no idea how your music has impacted my life....along with Beth's teaching of God's word...absolutely incredible.

Thank you for all you do!

Daniel Semsen said...

Eat a hot tamale for me!!

WOW said...

Travis, thanks for your offering of Worship at Lifeway, it was a blessing. When you spoke about being stuck I all but RAN to the altar! I feel like all 4 tires are stuck right now, and that message spoke to me. God and I have had a reckoning and He is digging me out of the ditch as we speak! Thank you!

Janice B. said...

Loved you at First Baptist Concord. The Moses song was so neat. Wish you would record a Southern Gospel album,too.
Janice B.