Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Concert in Raleigh This Friday

I just can't stay out of North Carolina. And there's a reason: it calls to my soul.

OK. Really, it called our booking number and so we have a concert this Friday night. If you are within driving distance to Raleigh, NC, come worship with us at Providence Baptist Church, Friday night at 7pm. Seth, Nirva, Lici and Julie will be with me, along with the awesome choir and band from Providence. It's gonna be fun.

I am actually there as part of a conference that the church is putting on. It's a tech music conference called Fusion, and you can find out more info here. If you serve in any capacity in the area of worship - tech-ish or otherwise, you should check it out. We were part of this conference once before, and it was really great. We are pumped about this weekend.

Come join us, Carolina friends!



I will praying for you our meista have fun us seista's need a video from laramie wyoming conference. Have fun in N.C. I ordered your cd from your concert in woodstock georgia cannot wait to get it I hope to get it soon. Cannot wait you and seista mama to come to Albuquerque NM counting down the days I just love you all to pieces.
Have a blessed time in N.C.
Your Seista Carol Albuquerque NM

Tara said...

Travis, when I saw that you were coming to Raleigh, I was so excited! We are just minutes from Providence and I know that you will have a fantastic weekend with them. We are going to be out of town, but will be praying for you! Have fun!!!

Daniel Semsen said...

My friend Derek will be there. I'm fairly certain he will come find you and say something sassy. I'm just warning you NOW. He's a jokester...so watch your back.

You have been warned.

Sherry said...

Well my usual request remains the same: breathe that Carolina air for me. Hug Jeff B. for me as well( or at least shake his hand and pat his back, you know that manly hug thing ha ha ha!) and enjoy that NC hospitality. Sigh

Anonymous said...

oh, my 8 year old son would LOVE LOVE to see you in concert...not being real big on Beth Moore, he tends to miss out on seeing you...but listens to your CDs alot and knows most songs by heart. Since this concert is tied to a conference, would i be able to bring him? I can't find much info on PBC's page...what can you tell me?


Rob Eubank said...

Hey Travis,

I attended the conference- Brian Megilligan is a friend of mine whom I use to play with in a worship band when he was still living back here in Ohio. Anyway, what an awesome experience it was for me to be able to participate in the weekend. You have a real gift for leading worhship Travis, and am so thankful that God has inspired you to share your music and ministry with all of us. God bless you and your family...