Tuesday, April 21, 2009


1. I'm so happy to have my Mac back.

2. Angela made this funny statement 2 days ago: " If you die, I won't be able to work the T.V."

So that brings the total number of things that Angela can't do around the house to 2 (she also can't add names to her computer's address book).

3. During my bloggy hiatus, my UNC Tarheels won the national championship. SO, can I get a WHOOP! WHOOP! from all the Heels?!!

4. I used my voice SO MUCH the past three or four weeks. And by the end of last week, my vocal cords were copping a major attitude with me. So I am thankful to not be singing this week. It's GMA week (Gospel Music Association), so I've been sort of busy doing interviews and stuff. But no singing. A good week to tell my voice to SIT DOWN AND BEHAVE.

5. I am still waiting on a good week to live blog during Idol. It's hard to do around here, because it comes on during a very busy hour in the Cottrell household, and we usually watch it later (we're watching it right now, at 11:49pm). I might try to do it next week, although by this point in the competition, we have all made up our minds who we like and who we don't. And on that note, I have a very bold statement to make:

Danny Gokey is the best male vocalist to ever have been on the show. You can disagree with me. But you would be wrong.

Just kidding. Sort of.

The most dynamic performer? No way. But as far as vocals go, he is TIGHT. I am excited to hear what kind of record he is going to make. He and Kris were my favorites tonight. Kris is good every single week. Who do you think is the best male vocalist from any season of Idol?

6. Beautiful weather this week. I'm ready to play tennis. I'm also ready to go to the beach. We haven't been as a family in a couple of years. I hope we can this summer.

7. I fell asleep writing this list. And now it's morning.

8.. I am craving Pilsbury Cinnamon rolls right now. But if I bake the can of 8, I will eat the can of 8. Is it worth it? I'm about to find out...

Have a great day!


Melene said...

Whoop! Whoop! From this Tar Heel Fan in Texas!!!

Cameron Magee said...

I think I'll listen to you when it comes to who's the best Idol singer. You know, since you sing for a living.

Wish I had some Cinnamon Rolls in the dorm. sound fantastic right now.

Tiffani said...

Eat the rolls!!! :) That is exactly why I buy the can of 5 for a weekday breakfast (I only have 2 kids) but then I don't eat ALL the leftovers :)

Kris was AWESOME last night! I have to say I'm getting a little over Danny...I think he's sounding the same every.single.week. Don't hate me--I'll pull out scripture if I need to!

So happy you're getting family time and vocal rest...enjoy!!

Jordan said...

Whoop! Whoop! From a Tar Heel at the university itself :)

I agree about Danny, but there are better performers on the show. Though now that we've got down to the last few, everyone has something to bring to the table!

Todd Benkert said...

I haven't really gotten into Idol as much this year (I've gotten bored with the judging) but I'd put Bo Bice in the best male category. For best male performance, I'd say it's a tie:

Bo singing "In a Dream" a capella http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D8ixbEShBA

and David Cook singing "Billie Jean"

as for best male idol blog comment, I say me, last season (comment #3 -- TCM "I'm All out of love" post) http://traviscottrellministries.blogspot.com/2008/05/im-all-out-of-love.html

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. :)


Christy Semsen said...

Danny, EVER? Hmmmmmm...he is quite, quite good. I think I would put him in an ambiguous top 4 since I can't think about that many seasons in my brain. Like Kris alot too.

And I think Adam was brilliant last night- he made me cry.

Beach sounds fun...

Holly said...

1. This - "A good week to tell my voice to SIT DOWN AND BEHAVE."--made me chuckle, as I thought of a host of replies about the rest of you behaving.

2. Our HP laptop is about to go to the Dr. Please pray for HP resurrection.

3. I like Danny the best this year, but I really think my favorite male vocalist from AI is Chris Daughtry.

4. I love Angela's comment! Praying for that dear lady. Yes, I am!

5. Praying for all of you really.

Kristie said...

If you're gonna play tennis, you can probably eat all 8.

Kristie said...

oh...and about the beach (at least if you're talking Florida...) you do know that you can get a MONTH after Labor Day for what you'd pay for a week in the Summer? We live just over the Georgia border, and that's the big secret down here...nobody "really" goes to the beach (at least not for more than just the day) until September.

Tara said...

Here's a WHOOP! WHOOP! from a UNC Fan from Raleigh, NC! Go Heels!

Glad that your voice is resting this week. It is a sure deserved break. And hope you enjoyed the Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls this morning- We had the same thing and they were tasty~

ocean mommy said...

We LOVE Danny Gokey around here too. In fact, our youngest told us last night that she sees him in her dreams A LOT. Cracked us up. She said he was always telling people God loves them. So funny.

After the last few weeks, you need a few days of rest! Enjoy your family...


angism said...

Glad to have you back.

I love Danny Gokey too!!

Profbaugh said...

Glad to have you back. So did you eat all eight???? This made me smile.

As for AI, I LOVE Danny. I hate the biased judging. I'd love to see him win, but I think it will probably be Adam, who is a better performer (not singer). I've got to add there's something about Adam that scares me. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that way??


AbbyLane said...

1. whoop whoop
2. i hope your cinnamon rolls were the orange-icing kind. otherwise all 8 aren't worth it.
3. we cancelled our cable cause we're poor, so i'm way behind on idol. :(
4.being a nanny has taught me the art of 17 different kinds of tv remotes. and how multiple sets of them work together. it is now my new spiritual gift.
4.mel said she saw you yesterday, and i was jealous.

The Weeks Family said...

Love, love, love Danny. And Cheryl, I have to agree w/you about Adam. He is an amazing singer but not sure about him. Then my 9yo daughter asked, "why is he so creepy?"...from the mouths of babes. Come to Charleston, we have lots of beaches (although, we've tried to go once and about froze our tails off...oh well...) Enjoyed reading your randomness! ~Irene

Kim V said...

My family loves Danny too and also Chris.

I also agree that Adam is somewhat creepy...not really sure why. Who is he anyway...is he the slicked back hair dude or the rocker guy??? And why haven't the judges slammed him for that???

I am ready for Lil and Anoop to go home.

AND..I can't wait to watch the Dove awards on GMC. I already have it set to record in case I am not home.

Jennifer said...

Danny G. is the man. Incredible voice and I too can't wait till his first CD.
Try the Carmel or Orange rolls-they are mighty good too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Danny Gokey! He is my pick this season. As for all time favorites, I have to go with Chris Daughtry and I next-David Cook from last year.

Sheila, TN

Anonymous said...

Go Kris Allen!

Reckard Family said...

I have to show some love for my all-time favorite, Elliott Yamin. I present Exhibit A: Moody's Mood for Love, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UUEk8R_qlw&feature=related

Exhibit B: A Song for You, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yKG0M4Gx64

and Exhibit C: Trouble, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiezSS8W6Bo&feature=related

But I do love me some Danny. He has great texture to his voice, and a great range.

I'm curious to hear what you think of Adam's voice.

Susan B. said...

Glad you're getting a chance to rest your voice. Whoop! Whoop! UNC!
Love Danny Gokey. Love the voice...love the glasses... In fact my husband said he's the only one from Idol whose record he would actually purchase. I also like Kris...but have a feeling Adam's going to win.

Fran said...

Ok...can't talk basketball bc that brings back bad memories of Calipari leaving Memphis and I get sick.

Being raised in AR, I'm all about some Kris Allen. Some of my bestest friends go to church and hang with him bc he's from a small town outside LR. And, yes...Danny is just as amazing. I'm pulling for one of them. Adam creeps me out. Wouldn't listen to him on the radio or buy his stuff.

Ok..welcome back. You've been missed.

Tarah said...

I'd love to see Kris Allen win this year. I'd love to see Adam vs. Kris in the final. Polar opposites, both in artistry and personality. I'd love to see Kris pull it out.

I really like Danny. He's from WI!! (yay) He's a good singer, but I don't see him as a pop artist. He does almost the same week after week. Great worship leader, though! Maybe that's why you have a soft spot..... ;)

Nesha said...

Welcome back! Enjoy your much needed family time, hoping a family trip this summer works out for you guys. Tell Angela that she is much ahead of me in the computer; I am always asking my hubs what to do and how.
Today is costume day at school in my 2nd graders class. They were all too cute. My son went as Capt. Rex from Star Wars Clones.

Joyful in FL said...

I was afraid you might say Anoop was your favorite - you being a tar heel and all....Danny is by far the best but I am afraid he is going to be "out shined" by the more theatrical contestant. Danny is going to have a great career anyway.

lavonda said...

Danny Gokey is absolutelyhandsdown the best one ever in my opinion!

Side note: last week on a 2nd grade field trip, one of the dads that went with us looked like Danny Gokey's twin. Even the glasses. When I saw him I hesitated a half second and was starstruck standing in the doorway of the classroom before I realized how stupid I was being to even think that could've been him. So naturally, I went over and told the dad how much he looked like Danny Gokey and would he please sing for us and just pretend.

He didn't.

Anonymous said...

By far my favorite of all time Idol winners would be Carrie Underwood. Amazing voice and amazing success well deserved!

This season, hands down favorite is Danny Gokey! LOVE HIM!

Leslie said...

Take care of your voice! I can just hear my husband warning about vocal nodes.

ncmama said...

Thanks so much for that post! I've missed your insight on Idol. Glad to hear that life is settling down a little bit.

Bridgette Jencks said...

So funny. We're glad to have your Mac back too!

Lindsey said...

hahahahaha! I totally agree with you on the Danny thing. I have said it since the beginning of the season.

Aunt_Nette said...

I still have not watched that horrible game from the 90's.

Andrea said...

Kris has great vocals, plus always I'm interested and excited to hear what he will do each week. Not only can he sing, but he knows music! Danny has some powerhouse vocals, but for some reason, his music doesn't move or inspire me like Kris' does.

WOW said...

Travis, I always enjoy visiting your blog. You always make me laugh! I really needed that today. Our group is coming to Pittsburgh in June to see you, we can't wait!

Leanne said...

Ah tennis...I LOVE tennis. And I will take you down any day of the week!

puzzlepiecesista said...

Love me some Tarheels, been a huge fan since my high school days!!

Love me some Danny Gokey, he's got my vote!!

I agree with Cheryl, sometimes that Adam creaps me out. He's definately a very "theatrical" entertainer isn't he. I so hope he DOES NOT win!!

DANNY!!!! DANNY!!!!! DANNY!!!!
I totally agree, best vocalist ever!! I really did love David Cook too though!!

Thanks again for popping out to say hi to Lisa and I in Portland, OR, ya were FANS of Travis Cottrell. Our very BEST vocalist of all times!!! Rest that voice!!

Angela - Redmond, WA

P.S. I'll be watchin' for your AI blog on Tuesday night!!

K Storm said...

I just love Kris and Danny!! But from weeks ago, I saw Adam and felt that he will win in the end because he does the whole performance deal. The fantastic thing is...even if they don't win there is still a chance for them to have enough exposure to get a recording deal out of it. Wouldn't that be cool for any of them?

sue said...