Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Favorite So Far

Hey, friends. I hope you are having a good week. I am still working on my story from my Haiti trip with Compassion International last week. I hope to post it tomorrow.

I was going to live-blog during Idol last night, be it was project night at our house (Jack had a big project due today). So I didn't get to watch until late. It was a pretty good show. of course you already know that Michael jackson is one of my all-time favorite artists (pre-messed up MJ), so I was excited to hear some of these kids' takes on the songs. As much as I have liked this crop of contestants, they have a SERIOUS song-picking deficiency. What in the heck? Keep The Faith? Never Can Say Goodbye? Give In To Me? ROCKIN' ROBIN? Where was She's Out Of My Life or I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You or Say Say Say or even that Free Willy song?

I have to start with telling you my favorite so far: Kara DioGuardi. Let's hear it for Kara! Bringing complete sentences back to the female judge contingency! For real, she is very smart. And, like Simon, I agree with just about everything she says. She knows what she's talking about, and it's nice to hear her say things to the contestants that will actually help them move forward and get better.

I am actually starting to feel for Paula. I think she knows the heat is on, and she's trying to step it up a little. A very little. But still.

My favorite, Anoop, didn't have a good night. he shouldn't have sung Beat It. He is a REAL singer and should've sung something that would have let him throw it down. But he didn't. And now I'm just a little bit worried. Another favorite of mine, Matt Giraud, had a great night. From the first notes of his piano on Human Nature, I knew it was going to be awesome. This is one of my favoirte MJ songs, and Matt killed it. He was a little busy with the runs and the falsetto at the end was flat, but still he was solid throughout.

Lil Rounds is without a doubt the best female contestant on the show this year. There will be no stopping her, I don't think. She should have a free pass to the top 3.

Danny KILLED it. Awesome. This thing is his to lose. Unless something massively unexpected happens, he will undoubtedly be in the finals, and will most likely win. Count on it. And let's give it up for P.Y.T. I love that song. And I felt the need to go ride the Himilaya at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

I thought Kris Allen did a good job. I like this guy's voice, and I like his demeanor. I disagree with Simon; I thought having guitar on the song made it unique and current and cool. I hear that he is a worship leader somewhere in Arkansas. I am a little bit fearful that he won't make it too far, but I hope he does.

I always reserve the right to love a contestant that everyone thinks I'm crazy for thinking is great. To me, it's always refreshing to have a voice that's different, that doesn't always try to go for the big notes and the big songs, and whose vibe is unique. That person for me this year is Megan Joy Corkrey. I know. Go ahead and call me names. Say Say Say what you want. See if I care. I think she's awesome. Angela does, too. In fact, Angela has made the comment that she thinks that she is one of the most beautiful people she has ever seen. She is not the greatest singer in the world, but we find ourselves liking every one of her performances. Even when it's a ridiculous song choice like Rockin' Robin.

That's really all I have to say about last night. I am anxious to see who makes it through tonight. I am VERY anxious to see what this new "twist" is that the judges are implementing. I'm glad they're changing it up. But if they cut my Carolina boy NoopDog for singing Beat It, I'm coming after 'em. That would be BAD. :-)


AMENMom said...

Kris is a worship leader at New Life Church--they have a branch in Conway and one in Little Rock. He's great.

You didn't mention Adam! What did you think of him?

I like Megan too, though she's no Lil.

I think the rule twist will be that the judges get the final say in who is sent home somehow. I guess we'll see soon!

My final four: Lil, Danny, Adam and Kris.

Tiffani said...

You did NOT just make me about tee tee in my pants over the Himalaya at Myrtle Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't breathe or even articulate a sentence about Idol...


Okay...I loved Matt on the piano too...just awesome...
Danny was given and so was Lil.

Did you intentionally not speak of Adam??? Is the hype about him too much? I may be with the masses but I have really liked him since his audition. I am ready to see him sing something just straight...not here a scream there a scream everywhere a scream scream..

Alright, moving on. Can't wait to hear about Haiti!

Sarah said...

I haven't watched it yet. But I just had to say I heart Megan. We probably won't get around to watching it til the weekend, and I kind of like to read people's takes on the songs before I see it.

Seriously. Heart Megan.

Little Millie said...

Ok so I am not a big fan of idol but yesterday while I was searching for something for my class on youtube I came across this little 6 year old girl named Connie Talbot that sang on the British version of idol with Simon. It was amazing. She sang somewhere over the rainbow and even Simon gave here only praise. She was amazing - Watch at:

Looking forward to your post about Hati.

Anonymous said...

Danny is also a worship leader at his home church. I can't remember where he is from. I love Danny, he is awesome and very geniune.

E-dub said...

I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you about Kara and Megan. Actually I completely agree with you with regards to the entire post. You Are Not Alone. We Are The World. Or something.

Three Fold Cord said...

Lil rounds YES YES YES!!!! Everything was awesome and I LOVE her. She is my favorite, has been from the beginning.

Danny...Got to luv him and his quirky dancing so endearing. He does have JOY and we know why.

Anoop why did you do it?!?!?

Your overview of the evening is almost as anticipated as what antics Paula will show up with on the show.

Can't wait to hear more about Haiti.

readingthebible365 said...

Travis what about Adam Lambert? I would love to hear what you think of him. I think he is the next American Idol. I agree Megan is stunning to look at, and she would be awesome at a Janice Joplin, Me and Bobby Mcgee song....but what is your opinion on the Lambert?

angism said...

Danny is by far my favorite - think he has a great chance.

I love Megan too. There is just something about her voice I think is different and refreshing. She sure can't dance though:)

Can't wait to see what the twist is. I'm sure the judges want more say so in the decisions.

Arielle said...

Danny is my favorite. As for the top girl(which it is a girl's year to win) Allison is my favorite. Her voice is amazing. I think Adam has an awesome voice, but he has some um.. issues.

I'm looking foward to your post on Haiti!

MC said...

Danny, Danny, Danny. He has been one of our favorites. His joy is contagious.

Like others, I wonder what you think of Adam. He has talent.

I still miss the year of Mandisa. It was like Super Bowl Sunday at our house each week in anticipation of watching her.

Glad you're back. WAR was done on behalf of your luggage!


Patty said...

My pick is Danny.

Lil Rounds, love her.

They do need to pick better songs!

Noop Dog is a fav of mine. I think he can sing!

I have decided that I should mute the t.v. when Paula speaks. She was bad last night, AND I wish that she would let Simon finish a sentence.

As for Megan... I don't care for her singing style but she is a sweet girl. :)

One last thing: did you see the girl sitting behind Kara last night who kept rolling her eyes every time Kara spoke a word? She even yawned. lol I KNOW this will be in an SNL skit in the near future.

I can't wait to see the show tonight!

Jen said...

What's your take on Scott McIntire? I love his style, not the best vocal...but there's definitely something there. He always seems to insert a "surprise" into an otherwise simple song. But Danny and Lil Rounds...Final Two!!!

ksue said...

Definitely Danny all the way! Lil would be my girl pick. Don't care for red head. Allison, is it? Reminds me of Amanda Obermeyer last year. Not my thing.
I think Megan is sweet but... out of the mouths of babes... my 15 yr. old said her tattoo takes away some of her innocence. It certainly didn't seem to "go with" what she was wearing or singing last night.
My girls like Adam but all that black (down to the fingernails) scares me! He definitely doesn't look like his parents. However, he has the BESTscreaming notes, doesn't he?!

Melinda said...

I'm pretty sure that 'NoopDawg is going to have to "Beat it" on home. A shame, but still. I hate to say it, but I wish he would take poor ol' Paula with him!

This is where we in the south would say...

Bless her heart.

Lindsey said...

I have been a Danny fan since the get-go. I like Megan too. My hubby thinks she is gorgeous!

Anoop is another fav of mine. I think his parents seem so sweet!

Thanks for the recap!

Donna Dear said...

I so enjoy Danny and Scott. Sad Jasmine is gone.

MB Pavilion is no more. So sorry.

See you Friday night!! We can't wait!!!!

Deidre said...

'Himilaya at Myrtle Beach' ... ahhh .. good times, good times!

I'm a little concerned for Anoop, too.

Cole Forehand said...

HEY HEY....whoah its been forever since i commented on here...ok..

Kara - BEST THINGS SINCE MANDISA...fantastic and is just amazing...PS she wrote the theme song for Disney's Camp Rock (which im sure LK loved ha)

Danny - ALSO A WORSHIP LEADER...and one touches him..

Megan - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE HER...BEST female...Lil can sing but this girl actually has star all over her...the song Zooey Deschanel sings at the end of "Elf" would suit her PERFECTLY...

Adam - some things that have been released this week have made my fan status shrink with him...but he CAN sing...i know ur not a fan but idk he is awesome to me...i cant see him as Idol tho

Kris - ROCKED...possibly one of the best..

i still like Alison...although she could have done better


Daniel Semsen said...

At least you're not diggin Scott. His voice annoys me. Blarg.

Heather said...

Kris is a worship leader at a church here in our town...he is very well-liked and respected! I love Megan, too, and feel just like you and Ang do. SO pretty and just love her personality! I also like Danny and Lil' Rounds..and the others you mentioned, too. I am afraid Anoop may not stick around long, though. I still have his "My Perogative" in my head from last week, though!!!

Kelly S. said...

I haven't watched last night yet.....sick young'ins. I hope to watch it today. BUT I had to comment on the Himalaya at the Myrtle Beach Pavillion......good times. Dang, I miss going there.

Bev Brandon said...

My teenage son says that the radio talk in Texas has already picked Adam to WIN. (How does my son know that---he drives with ME every day to school & the radio is not on.) I do pick Adam to win it but I don't know the first thing about music---like "runs" and "flat falsetto's." That's good. So I love hearing your "take." I'll be back next week. But, I really can't wait to see the Haiti post and hear what God did for you and through you.

Sisters said...

This isn't an idol comment but
This weekend was awesome!! Thanks so much for the message you brought through music.
Absolutley loved it!

wendyh28 said...

Hey Travis, my name is Wendy Howard and I attended the pastor's wives conference this weekend. You all were wonderful and it was a tremendous blessing to me and my friends. Thanks so much. Was wondering if you could tell how I could get a hold of the video you played of the pastor's wives, that was hilarious. We are at Bible college and there are many women I would love to show that to. My emal is

Alex and Jill said...


What a blessing you were to me, my mom, and sister, in Nashville! All three of us are minister's wives and you guys made the weekend incredibly special for us. Sitting under Beth's teaching and being able to worship with you and your team was unforgettable. I fell in love with the Lord in a way that I had never before. I came back excited to serve our congregation and support my husband in his ministry.

Thank you for using the gift God has given you.

Jill A.
Little Rock, AR

TammieFay said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for ministering to us PW's so sweetly, and faithfully. What a soothing balm you and the team were to this weary, hurting soul. I agree with Wendy...please tell me "Before He Speaks" is posted on Lifeway somewhere!

Brad Day said...

all i can say is what in the world happened to ricky braddy. to bring back anoop and the girl from ms was a mistake. he would be sailing right now. one of the biggest idol blunders ever.

Brad Day said...

btw, your megan pick is a little more mainstream than brook.