Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Rehearsal


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Somehow I don't look nearly as cool when I sing and point toward the ceiling. Maybe it's because people can also hear me when I do that and it's just too distracting. Cause, well, it's not very pretty. Unless I'm in the car with the volume turned all the way up. And then I think the people driving by just think I look silly. Oh well.

Rock on!

Holly said...

What a beautiful bride you have, as she praises her King!!

Praying and not stopping...

Anonymous said...

I may not be able to sleep tonight because I am soooo excited!!

Brittnie said...

Awesome, awesome photos! I'm VERY excited about tomorrow night!

Dori said...

Oh my goodness, Travis, please tell Angela that her hair looks darling! I just saw her a couple of weeks ago, but this cut looks new! Wish I could be there. Tell Julie and Lici I said hey!

Kelly S. said...

Well, I am about to cry. First because I am so happy for you and your team, and second because I almost got to come. Almost doesn't count. I have been praying for weeks and will continue to, May GOD richly bless you all!!!
I can't wait to hear the recording when it comes out!!

Tara said...

I think Rich has arrived on the scene! These pictures are amazing! What an incredible group of worshippers there are! Praying for you!!!!

Sarah said...

Looks like fun!! ;)

Becca and Adam said...

wohoo see you tomorrow :-) Isn't that such a huge church?! It's in our backyard - and they have a sweet playground. . . . Looking forward to worshiping tomorrow!

JulieMom101 said...

Prayed for you all this morning. Remember my days @ FBCW and know that the sanctuary will be filled with His Presence. Give anything to be there, but can't wait to get the finished project! In His Hands ~
Julie in Greenville, SC

Jami said...

praying for you today!!!

Adam said...

Dude.. praying for you as you do your thing tonight. I so wish I lived remotely close to Georgia. I bet its gonna be a awesome night.

Moose Mama said...

Just finished watching the concert. It was sooo good. The video and audio feed sort of pooped out around 8:15. Didn't get to hear all of "Mercy Seat". Love it when she (don't know her name, :( sorry) sings it! After that it was just bits and pieces and then it went away all together, but what I did see blessed me! Thank-you for your ministry, Travis!

Just wonderful!

Melana in Wyoming

whittkaerwoman said...

GREAT Job tonight! LOVED IT! H

Mendi said...

My family and I were blessed to be at the live recording tonight. Words cannot truly express the worship experience. We were ushered into the presence of the Lord.

Many thanks to you and Beth for boldly proclaiming the WORD!

Mendi Pittard

P.S. Now, THAT is the way "Victory in Jesus" should be sung EVERY TIME!!!

Cindy said...

I am so bummed that I couldn't be there. But I have prayed for everyone involved and that everything would go well.

lavonda said...

He was all over you tonight.
And by 'He' I mean 'Jesus'.
I felt Him so strong, in every word, in every song.

And I was kind of secretly hoping for another computer glitch so we could sing Victory In Jesus even more times -- LOVE IT.

When you said at the end that you'd take everyone left to Bojangles, my 8 yr old thought you were serious and got so excited! :)
(No offense, but I think it was more about the Bojangles to her than it was the Travis)

We preordered it. Can't wait to sing loud again (in my car) to those songs. Only in my car, I'll harmonize better with you! Promise!

Emmy said...

Oh tonight was AMAZING! Just got home... WOW POWERFUL! Thank you Lord! God so spoke to my heart in my deepest place... can't wait to see what He is going to do with this album! : )

Thankful to God for your ministry, Travis and Angela! Praying for you both tonight! Know you must be thrilled!

Awesome voice and beautiful heart... so authentic and real... love your transparency... it is contagious! Thank you again!

Still Singing! Emmy : )

Bev Brandon said...

Psalm 81:10

Jody said...

The concert was amazing!! God's presence was thick from the get go! Loved every minute. Thank you for your service and obedience. What a blessing it was for our family to experience.

We often quote you to our kids, "Obedience brings blessings and disobedience brings consequences." My five year old daughter was especially excited to see the man who mommy learned that from. As a side note, you should know she learned how to blow bubbles with her gum during your first song. Very monumental moment. :)

Michelle said...

I went to your "concert" last night. I would never call it is a concert. It was a complete worship experience. I cannot tell you how powerfully God moved through you! Glory Glory I could have been received into heaven right that minute. I cannot believe what a humble servant of God you are. I want you to know that you brought Glory to Christ alone last night. I could not believe that you didn't promote yourself at all. God was honored and blessed by your praises. I feel so blessed to have been there.

ocean mommy said...

It's Monday morning and all I can say is. Wow.

I'm not sure I've ever been in a place where you could feel the Spirit of God so heavy.

I told a friend later that I kept waiting for Jesus to come!

BTW- as tired as you all had to be...I loved the 2nd Victory in Jesus as much if not MORE than the first!!!

Great job! Every single one of you!!!


fuzzytop said...

I am sooooooo bummed that I didn't get to go! I wanted to so much, but my daughter is ill so there is no way I could go. I'll have to wait for the album, sniff sniff.... Do you have an estimated release date?


Anonymous said...

Last night was amazing!!!! I know the tech guys were stressing, but we were loving the do-overs :) Still high from the most high! Thanks for your testimony and your worship and love for the Lord!

Tamtot said...

I have to say I was privileged to be part of the Choir last night! In all my 45 years on the planet, I have never had a Worship experience quite so powerful. (And that's saying a lot, we get some great stuff here at First Baptist.)
You see people from afar, and wonder if they are genuine. It was clear that you and your entire team were the real deal. Not out there for a show; out there to usher us into the presence of God Almighty. The love of Christ just radiated through you all.
What a blessing this entire weekend was. What a taste of Heaven! My heart is full and overflowing.
Thanks for allowing us this great experience.

Abby said...

your sister bragged on you much. i know it was spectacular. hate i had to miss it!

Kiki said...

Best concert I've ever been to!! (Well, there was that New Kids on the Block concert in fifth grade-just kidding, no comparison!) You all were awesome, great work. Can't wait for my CD to arrive:)

Jeanna Phelps said...

My husband and I were at your live recording last night...all the way from Northwest Arkansas. I can't begin to tell you how completely I felt the presence of the Lord. In my spirit I was at the feet of Jesus all night long. I lost my voice in the process, but it was well worth it. The worship met both of us right at the point of our need and we left with our tanks full. And I loved all of the new music, I'm sure you've got another hit on your hands. I know God will bless all of you for your desire to draw others to worked! Mercy Seat was our favorite, I had told my husband what a great singer Angela Cruse was and his comment afterwards was that it would be difficult for anyone to sing it after her. What an amazing and transparent delivery of a beautiful, transforming message. "Shackles" was a great bonus! Thanks for all of it, we were truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

You clearly took us into the presence of God. Straight to the Mercy Seat! Last night was so good! I was so blessed! Can't put it into words just how blessed I was!!
You and your team are amazing. It is clear that your hearts intent is to cause us to worship, that's why He blesses it so. I may not ever forget last night. Thank you for all the hard work.

Amy said...

thank you travis and team for a spectacular night last night! and i also thank you for being so gracious to greet us afterwards-- it was a privelege for me to meet you and shake your hand, to thank you for blessing me with your singning. can't wait to get the CD of last night!!

Wendy Pope said...

OMG Travis!!!!!
I drove from Matthews, NC to Woodstock GA and worshiped Jesus Sunday night. The manifest presence of the Lord was in the sanctuary!!
I pray the richest blessings and highest favor on this project. God has given you a talent like I have never seen. You are able to see into the soul of all who have been set free and those who long to be free and express their feelings in beautiful lyrics and moving music. My soul was in agreement with every word that was sung. I praise Him today for meeting us all there.
And thank you for inviting Cindy Morgan. I grew up with her music, too. To hear her sing Praise the King was such a incredible blessing to me.
It was an event of a lifetime for me. I can't wait to get my CD, which was ordered before I even heard a song sung.
Get some rest. You and the entire team desire it.
God Bless
Wendy Pope-Matthews, NC
P.S. I love the picture you posted of your beautiful wife Angela. I love to hear her sing. Any plans for a duet album?

Profbaugh said...

Sounds like God showed up (and off) big time Sunday night. Sorry I had to miss it, but God was working overtime here in St. Louis!

Can't wait for the CD and DVD. That way I can pretend I was there too! (lol)

Much love,

connorcolesmom said...

Ok my DSL has been down for 24 hours and I literally started to twitch :)
I wanted to tell you what an AMAZING time I had Sunday night
I was so totally blessed and had such a fantastic time
I think my favorites (if I had to pick)were the "do overs" loved them
and Angela singing - Mercy Seat
The Spirit was so present and just shook the house!
God's annointing was so on you and the team!
Thank you again
Many blessings

Deedra said...

Travis, I was at your recording Sunday night and Oh. My. Goodness!!! You guys did an awesome job! Such a powerful night! I can't wait for the cd/dvd to come out! I don't think I'll ever be able to sing Victory In Jesus the "old way" again. Your rocked out version is just, well, just rockin'!

Loved it!

God Bless you guys!

screamofcontinuousness said...

Can I just tell you how blessed I was to be there on Sunday. your love for God comes through in every single moment, every note....even during sound checks. (yes, I'm the one who sat there all afternoon. Dude, I survived the piano tuning session! to get to hear you sing Jesus Saves to just me and some techies. )

anyway, just wanted to say again thank you. thank you for the joy and love and transparency and for helping 350 kids get sponsors through Compassion. WOW what an eternaly relevant outcome from an overwhelming evening of worshiping our Saviour.

Suzi said...

Travis - I heard you and your band sing at Beth Moore Live in San Antonio last August and I thank God for giving you the gift of worship! Keep the zeal for Christ alive for yourself and all believers. As a member of Florence Baptist Church, we look forward to sharing with so many when you come in March!

Anonymous said...

Sunday night was incredible!! The best part of all was that my teenage daughter was right next to me worshipping with me. That was so special that the words and music ministered to both generations. It was so worshipful and I am glad we had to sing "Jesus Saves" twice!! God bless.

heids124 said...

Dear Travis,

Yns need to blog again.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could've been there!

How about a song list?!?!

Belle said...

I just wanted to tell you and your team that Sunday night at FBC Woodstock was amazing! God was in that place. Thank you for leading us in a wonderful worship experience!!!